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  1. If you do "File -> Save Page As..." and choose "Web page, HTML Only" for the file type and email it to lordelph at gmail dot com I'm sure it will be a simple tweak...
  2. Since the site devs are reading this thread, I might make the following observation - if you strip out the inline stylesheet and put it in an external CSS file you'll be saving a whopping 28 kilobytes per page request! Got to be worth it, no? (Edit: I agree about the view count - it should be very close to real time or it's pretty useless to regular readers)
  3. Go to google type greasemonkey in the search box click "I'm feeling lucky" Yeah I could said it was here but teach a man to fish and all that....
  4. Any Firefox users using my greasemonkey script for enhancing the forums will need a new version - right click here and choose Install User Script to upgrade. It's useful in high traffic forums like the United Kingdom one as it adds a new icon which lets you "delete" a thread you aren't interested in following (though these can be displayed instantly with a new "show ignored threads" link)
  5. Oops, my fault, the new version did not upload. Try again. My apologies
  6. Sounds like the old version - click Tools->Manage User Scripts, highlight "Geocaching Forum Tools" and click "Edit..." - the top of the file should have the message Geocaching Forum Tools - 0.30 04/02/2006 If it's an earlier version you need to re-install.
  7. OK - If you're running the latest Firefox and Greasemonkey versions then this update of the geocaching forum script is for you - it now copes with the new layout to provide the "delete topic" button you've come to depend on To install, simply right click here and choose "Install User Script..." I cranked this out fairly quickly, so if you notice anything awry, drop me a note....
  8. Actually, there's something I didn't consider - I guess a typical cheap bluetooth unit doesn't actually keep a tracklog you can pull off it later? Having a tracklog is nice, but thinking about it, the only time I find them useful is when I've been in the car and wanted to know where the hell I went wrong when navigating "by nose". If I'm using a PDA in the car, I guess that can be keeping a tracklog for me! Right, I'll make sure my chosen unit stays switched on and take the plunge!
  9. Thanks for all the suggestions. I was under the impression a bluetooth unit would help by being "always on" while I switched my PDA on and off. This way I get a complete track log and fast fixes, without having to leave my PDA on all the time. Trouble is, most reviews I've read make reference to bluetooth receivers powering off when the PDA powers off. Is there any way to force such units to stay on? Sounds like if I want to save PDA power I've got two devices to power up every time I want a coordinate fix.
  10. I'm steadily going paperless, my last outing I used a Geko 201 for "an arrow" in combination with a iPAQ 5550 for mapping and cache notes with MM/GPXSonar. It was great, I just needed more hands So it's time to get my iPAQ picking up GPS signals. It seems to me that adding a receiver to the iPAQ itself isn't going to be great for battery life, plus I guess it's got to re-aquire satellites every time I switch it on? So a bluetooth GPS seems the way to go - it can hang around my neck, stay locked on while I walk, merrily beaming away coords which my iPAQ can pick up whenever I switch it on. The TomTom Bluetooth GPS (SiRF Star III) seemed to fit the bill. Anyone use a similar setup or has other recommendations?
  11. Quality not quantity, that's what it's about! Well done, even though I can't look at picture of you without hearing "Jingle Bell Horsey now pick up your feet, jingle around the clock...."
  12. You can toggle the display of ignored threads by clicking the "Show Ignored Topics" link added top right after "View New Posts · My Assistant · ..."
  13. John, if you install GreaseMonkey, then right click here and choose "Install User Script.." you'll get an extra icon next to each topic title. Click to make the topic disappear - great for pinned threads and "congrats" to people you've not met.
  14. Here's one suggestion - just have three? Congratulations!!!! Resources For Caching In The Uk And Ireland Newbie Info! Adopt-a-newbie! and Which Gps ? can be linked from Newbie Info Gagb - News And Information and Uk Geocoin Group can be linked from Resources For Caching In The Uk And Ireland Myself, I use firefox and make all the pinned threads disappear
  15. I've also got a way to add forum search to the Firefox search box. Obviously uses Google at the moment, but when the "real" search comes back, it should be able to self-update
  16. Here's mine: Geocaching Forums Tools Greasemonkey Script Geocaching OS Map Linker Greasemonkey Script
  17. Probably be a full team effort from me, with LadyElph and the two little Elphs
  18. It's a great video, the music (wot they wrote too!) really adds to the atmosphere of a memorable cache. Well done!
  19. Moote Alert! Moote Alert! B) As anyone who has done the cache will tell you, it has a fairly weak stage 4 which the cache owner always intended to be more interesting/difficult, and there's some concern over the access to stage 5 too. I applaud him for taking the time to maintain and improve an excellent series.
  20. When it gets replaced, why not try to be the first to do the revised Quest for the Ring of Power. It's got it all - caves, tunnels, mountains (and hopefully a new water based stage!) - would make a fine 1000th!
  21. Caches within 25 miles of Baldock, Herts * Jan 2005 : 245 * Jan 2006 : 436
  22. There once was a cacher called Dan Who had a most peculiar Mam Mandy's proud boast? "I send TBs by post!" "I'm from Durham I don't give a d a m n!"
  23. There once was a dog called Jess Her life was a terrible mess She was really a cat A male one at that And felt it was time to confess Odd, I know, but you have to go with what rhymes. You should see the one I didn't post.
  24. Congratulations to everyone's favourite emperor of Mongo! It's a repost but it makes me giggle Well done Matt!
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