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  1. Lots of good stuff the last few days :D


    Nerds - Thanks, Allie! :ph34r:

    A Naughty or Nice and a personal LadyBee4T - Thanks, Bev! :D

    Rainforest jewels v2 - Thanks, Steph :huh:

    AE March of the Penguins - Thanks, Chantal! ;)

    Caching Along the Redneck Riviera - Thanks, Ian! ;)

  2. We spent a few days recently in So. California.




    I thought of Woletrap every time I saw one of these signs.




    This salt and pepper shaker set reminded me of AuntieNae's geocoin.




    This seahorse was hanging outside a shop in Santa Barbara. It sure looks like Karma's coin..




    How could I not think of the 2007 California micro! :P

  3. Some great mail arrived in wet and windy California!


    A Rainforest Jewel from tsun :P Thanks, Steph! It's lovely.


    A sparkly blue Nerd and CHAT coin from Woletrap :laughing: Thanks, Jeff!


    Some white elephants from Oak Coins and an OakBuck! These are cute! :D


    Rainbow Bridge coins from Dorkfish :D Thanks, Karma. Very special.

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