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  1. Dear Valerie,


    I am so sorry to hear about your mother. This is not an easy time, I know. I hope you find comfort in loving memories of your mother and strength from your family and friends. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.


    I would be happy to drop a memorial coin in Modesto for you.


    Take care.

  2. Boys of LadyCacher

    mtn-man from Georgia

    Canine Cachers 1st Edition

    Canine Cachers 2nd Edition

    Team Coy Chev

    North Carolina 2005

    California 2005

    Dances with Moose


    Summer Meet & Greet

    Central Coast Geocachers of California - Monterey

  3. dhenninger 2005

    dhenninger 2006

    dhenninger 2007

    Hazards of Caching 1

    Hazards of Caching 2

    Hazards of Caching 3

    GBA Un-Event

    Geodiamond v1

    Geodiamond v2

    Proto Picnic

    Great Rubber Ducky Escapade

    GW5 Suns (Girls Just Want to Have Fun)

    Rubicon Brothers 2007

    GW5 Poker Chip

  4. Rivercity and Team Moagy Personal

    Blue iis

    Lightning Jeff

    Mr. Muggles 2006

    Okterbercache 2006

    Idaho 2005

    Geocaching England



    Calgary Cachers


    I Survived Coinquest

    The Rubicon Brothers 2005

    Geocoin Addicts

    Ontario’s 1st Geocoin


    COOL 2005




    That is one cute puppy!



    :)What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. :)


    Thanks for the great quote, Geo.Error!


    And from one of my students today -- "I come to school to see you. I come to school to learn. Thank you for teaching me. I love you!" :)


    One more cute pup!




    :) Happy Valentine's Day! :)

  6. MISSION Geocoin: Heart's Desire


    1. Participating - :P

    2. Received Name - :D

    3. Mission Complete - :D

    4. Mission Arrived - :ph34r:


    I received my Heart's Desire mission last week -- a box decorated with all kinds of hearts and sayings with more hearts inside and packed full of Valentine surprises!




    I have been unpacking this box for days! There were so many things inside. A Valentine pail full of candy, notepads, pens, and other Valentine goodies! A box of candy that says, "You're the Cats Meow." :D There were all kinds of little things tucked inside the box -- a little heart made out of stone, a tiny tin with altoids inside, a tiny pink heart with a message, and a beautiful ceramic heart! There was a jar filled with more candy :D and Valentine goodies.




    There were three more containers to open -- little decorated take-out boxes! One held the cute little angel with a heart, and the other two contained geocoins! My heart's desire -- a MWGB, an AS Earth Turtle, a Paddle Faster, and an AE Cache-Aid Kit. :anibad:




    And finally a mysterious heart with the message "Must Open Last!" Inside was another metal tin -- perfect for a cache container -- and a tiny ammo can with a miniature logbook! :wub:




    And, inside the little round tin was a tiny photo album, and each little page has a picture of one of our geocoins or a memory of a geocaching adventure! How COOL is that!




    Thank you so much to my special secret pal. You have made my Heart's Desire come true! I know I must have missed at least a dozen more things that were tucked into the box. You outdid yourself! Thank you from the bottom of my Heart! Happy Valentine's Day to YOU and YOURS! ;) XOXOXO

  7. Sending a huge thank you to Jodi for a wonderful Heart's Desire



    Jodi (of Team Fireboy) and who we fondly call Nurse Girl :yikes: sent a spa in a package! Scented candles, lotions, and bubble baths! Notepaper in the cutest little keepsake box and chocolate, too! And, the coins -- a marching penguin :cool: a New Mexico :anibad: and the cutest little Team Fireboy pathtag :unsure:


    There were so many goodies in this package! I've got a ton of tissue paper from unwrapping everything, and the kitty is busy pouncing on it and batting it around.




    Thank you so much, Jodi! :unsure:

  8. Birthday Mission received! Wow!




    A really cute birthday card and awesome coins - a lovely dreamcacher - a beautiful 12 Days of Christmas - and the most awesome coreynjoey Geotag!


    My return address was on the package so I don't know who to thank, but if I had to guess, I would say a big Thank You to Corey and Joey for a wonderful birthday mission. I love the birthday card, and I love the coins! :unsure: Each one is so unique! Thank you so much!

  9. Oh my goodness! :drama: I just saw the Shiny Nickel AE XLE Artist Edition geo jelly up for auction! Is this pghlooking's artist edition or gridlox's? I didn't know there were AEs for the geo jellies!


    Edited to add: Are there any for TRADE??

  10. MISSION #2


    1. Participating :D

    2. Received Name :D

    3. Mission Complete :D

    4. Package Received! :(


    I didn't recognize the return address, but "WEGE" was written on the envelope. I found three shiny silver packages and a beautiful postcard! Thank you so much! The Queen of Caching, 2007 Maine, a May 2007 Signal, and a postcard to add to my collection! Thank you, Cache Maine!! :D Thank you for the great WEGE mission!



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