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  1. 1. Participating 2. Received Name 3. Mission Complete - almost - just looking forward to waiting in line at the P.O. 4. Package Received I received my Geocoin's 6th Anniversary package today. Inside were two benchmarks -- the Buttermilk Benchmark and the Washington Monument Benchmark. I would love to see the real benchmarks in person! Until then, I have these two cool geocoins to look at. Thanks to GEO*Trailblazer 1 for making my day!
  2. rivercity

    GW5 coins

    Thanks, southbayday, for your thoughts. Coins & Pins mentioned in an earlier message that there is a variety of ways that businesses are run. I appreciate the way HogWild maintains customer service, and I have always received prompt, courteous responses from your company. As a consumer, that's what I expect. I will continue to wait patiently for the official GW5 geocoins. As Coins & Pins said, "Regardless, the coins are now on their way. Maybe everyone can sleep easier tonight knowing that everything is once again right in the world." It shouldn't be long now. I'm looking forward to adding ithe official coin to my collection of GW5 coins -- the GW5 shirt from HogWild, the GW5 coin from Oak Coins, and of course, the GW5 sunbursts from Castle Coins. Thanks to both Coins & Pins and HogWild for your thoughts on the topic.
  3. 1. Participating - 2. Received Name - 3. Mission Complete - working on it 4. Package Received
  4. I have CHAT coins available for trade also.
  5. Hello I'm looking for the activation codes for 4 F's and Wahine Eye Spy. Thanks!
  6. Geocoin Chat coins arrived today. Thanks, Castle Man, for getting these made for us, and thanks, Paula, for the great design. I have to agree, they look great in hand.
  7. #1 Payoff Maddy #2 Rusty Dipper #3 Still Jacey #4 Speed Mac Cloud Have fun, VG!
  8. A Big Thank You to my Independence Day Buddy! Your wonderful package arrived while I was away but in plenty of time for the 4th. Thank you for the nicest card and the great coins. I've had my eye on the Lunchtime Gang geocoin, and you ordered one all the way from Portugal for me! That was so nice of you! The Leprechaun and Texas Summer and mini seashell are perfect, too. The sunblock and "Off" packets went directly into my backpack, and the other fun stuff has found homes near the computer and on my desk and, of course, the poppers were popped on Independence Day! The tee's a perfect fit, and I had flags everywhere! I loved the red, white, and blue fabric that you wrapped so many things in, and that will join my other patriotic fabrics. (I love fabric!) I think what tickled me the most was your note on the box "I'll see you at GW6!" I can't wait to meet you and thank you in person for this Independence Day surprise. I hope you had a wonderful Independence Day, and Thank You again for the wonderful mission!
  9. A beautiful new mystery coin! Congratulations, Dennis!
  10. One-room Schoolhouse, Old Sacramento, California
  11. rivercity

    GW5 coins

    Is there an update on the delivery date?
  12. I received a package with four nice coins. It arrived on June 21 so it must be for the Summer Solstice mission. The package contained a TFTC, a Cache Hiker, a Bring Your Own Pencil, and a HAM Radio geocoin. All very nice and all very much appreciated! Thank you! Summer/Winter Solstice 1. Participating - 2. Received Name 3. Mission Complete 4. Package Received
  13. Woohoo! Way to go, John and Sharon! Now, there's no doubt you found the benchmark. (And no doubt that this will end up in Sharon's scrapbook!) Have fun, you two!
  14. I ordered Geowoodstock5 coins in the Groundspeak tent at GW. I haven't received them yet. Does anyone know when they will ship? Thanks!
  15. Yes, I collect, Steph. I've got traders if you'd like to exchange. I would really like a Montana.
  16. Hello I'm looking for the activation code on a Black Eyed Susan (Geocaching in Maryland). The activation code that came with the coin does not match when I try to activate the coin on GC. Thanks for any help.
  17. 10 2 3 It's hard to choose only three. Many of these designs would make beautiful coins.
  18. #36 was moved again today! Mileage hasn't updated on the coin's page yet. Does that take a bit of time, or does Glenn have to "recalculate distance" each time? If so, you're going to be a busy man, Glenn!
  19. It's a beautiful design, Gridlox, and I'm happy to have the mini coin. It's another nice gesture by Oak Coins to give us something extra with the monthly club offering. Thanks, Christian! I'm looking forward to the regular coin, and I'll be watching for updates.
  20. rivercity Hey rivercity! Did you get the Chicks I mailed to you? I'm still looking for yours! Hi Sarah! Yes, I did! Thank you very much! The RC chick is on its way. It was mailed a few days ago so maybe today . . .
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