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  1. I met Princess Trouble and purchased a tiara at the Root Beer Event in WA. It really is a pretty coin -- very sparkly and a nice reminder of our trip to GW8.


    Thanks again, Princess Trouble, for an awesome GW. :unsure:

  2. Thank you to my two awesome Mission senders.


    My first mission was from Montana complete with a jar of Wild Huckleberry Jam and a Wild Huckleberry Chocolate Bar -- slightly sinful the label says. :) Lots of treats including pathtags, pins from Montana, and chocolate. A frosty crystal Compass Rose topped off the package! Wow! ;) A cute little snowman ornament was tucked in, too, but I forgot to remove it from the tree for the picture. Thank you so much!




    My second mission had a cute little S'Mores bag stocked with all the fixings for S'Mores. There were pins and a nano cache :huh: and a pathtag and a pretty angel ornament and lots more candy! There was a Cache Movers, a glittery red and green football, and a Beijing Observatory. That football is so sparkly! Thank you so much!




    Thank you again to my generous Mission senders for the wonderful packages you put together. I hope you had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, too!

  3. Mission #1


    1. Participating: Yes :D

    2. Received Name: Yes :mad:

    3. Mission Completed: Yes :)

    4. Package Received!: Yes :D


    Mission #2


    1. Participating: Yes :mad:

    2. Received Name: Yes :mad:

    3. Mission Completed: Yes :D

    4. Package Received!: Yes :D


    I'll open my missions as soon as possible. Still have some holiday preparations to take care of, and then I'll relax and enjoy my surprises. Thanks to my senders and thanks to Dave for hosting the Christmas missions.


    Merry Christmas!

  4. Mission #1


    1. Participating: yes

    2. Received Name: yes

    3. Mission Complete: mailed today

    4. Package Received!: A package from Montana was received last week. I'll open it soon! :antenna: Thank you!


    Mission #2


    1. Participating: yes

    2. Received Name: yes

    3. Mission Complete: mailed today

    4. Package Received!:

  5. Oh! Another great memory is Rivercity blinding me while I was playing poker! :( I think I saw bright green spots for half an hour. :D


    That wasn't me! Honest! No flash and I have the dark fuzzy pictures to prove it. :D

  6. I found one of those "To Me, From Me" mailers when I got home from GW. This coin was a real mystery to me until friends pointed me to Lori's thread on the forums. :P


    I don't know what I did to deserve such a beautiful geocoin, but I am so grateful! The symbolism is very dear to me, and #81 is, too! Sweet! I love the way the Great Wall surrounds the geocoin. Beautifully done!


    The coin offers luck and protection to geocachers which I definitely need! I can recall some situations that geocaching has gotten me into, and I definitely need luck and protection for what might lie ahead!


    I immediately recognized the Foo Lions and Foo (or Fu) translates to "happiness," which is just what I felt when this coin slipped out of its mailer. I am always amazed when a mystery coin comes my way. Thank you so much for thinking of me and sending luck and protection my way.


    Congratulations to all of the lucky recipients of this special geocoin. And, to the mystery person sending out this geocoin, I'm wishing you happiness, luck, and protection, too! Lots of it! THANK YOU SO MUCH!



  7. Is there an update from AEToys on refunding our money? I haven't checked this thread in awhile and it looks like some people received an email from them a few months ago. I have not been contacted by AEToys nor have I received a refund.

  8. Sorry that I'm late reporting in, but I have been enjoying my two missions since Valentine's Day!


    The first mission had a lovely card and Greece and Spiral Dragon geocoins! Thank you so much to the mystery sender! What beautiful coins! :unsure:




    I think I figured out who sent the second mission. ;) I kept eyeing the package but I held out until Valentine's Day. Inside, a little carton with a pretty silver bow, and inside the carton the cutest little bear with a matching silver bow! Two geocoins -- a sparkly red Loved This Cache! and a colorful Nordkapp and two pathtags ~ Fluteface and a Happy Valentine's Day! Thank you so very much, Margaret! :)




    Thank you to my mission senders for your Valentine wishes!


    Thanks, Allie, for organizing Secret Cupid. B)

  9. Mission #1 :D


    1. Participating: 1/24/09 :D

    2. Received Name: 1/26/09 :D

    3. Mission Complete:

    4. Cupid Arrived!:


    Mission #2 B)


    1. Participating: 1/24/09 :D

    2. Received Name:

    3. Mission Complete:

    4. Cupid Arrived!:


    Received one name. Thanks, Allie. Looking forward to the second one. You must be busy packing for Florida. Don't forget Herb! :lol:

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