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  1. Thank you for the link which leads to https://www.gpsrchive.com/, it is also the same product as on Amazon, given the taken I thought that the quality may not be there but I will order not finding anything else Thanks for your answers, good caches
  2. Hello Thank you for the feedback, l'm looking for the a protective coover, like this one https://www.amazon.fr/dp/B08VS587FF/ If you have something else to offer me thank you in advance Moderator edit: removed referral codes. Please don't include referral data.
  3. Hello When I red your answer or you were referring to the routing of my gps, I l looked and indeed l had the wrong settings, but 8 days ago everything was working fine . thanks again
  4. Thanks for your help Weird that this happens on both gps without having touched the settings
  5. Hello I downloaded some caches the day before yesterday on the site, I can see them on the Montana 700 (V6 pro card) and Oregon 650 (V3 pro card) but they are represented on the card by the green dot and the pin a red head, something that was not there before and when I launch the "Go" function on Oregon I have the route in a straight line while in Montana I have a route following the roads. This is a bug, thanks for your help
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