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  1. Your collection is a place to store trackables you own but do not plan to drop in caches. It lets you activate and hold items without cluttering up the inventory UI with bugs you don't plan to have travel. Items in your inventory will show up to drop in caches. Move the coin from your collection to your inventory and you'll be able to drop it off or mark it as having visited caches.

  2. At this point we're looking over the samples we had made and deciding on whether or not we have any tweaks we want to make for final production. We're looking forward to seeing the coin available as well, but at this point do not have a firm estimate on when that will be. When more info is available be sure that it will be posted here.

  3. Samples for our next coin (Dragon Tails) have arrived, and we're now deciding what the final versions will be. Here's a peek at one of the versions we're considering.


  4. In your last post you mentioned that the Antique Bronze is a LE but I can't find something of that on the presale page. Can you explain that please?


    The editions are listed on the Specifications tab on the preorder page:


    Size: 2.00" (51mm)

    Thickness: 3.5mm

    Editions: Gold, Silver, Antique Gold, Antique Silver, Antique Bronze (LE), Copper (AE)


    Cache Addict defines a Limited Edition as a one-time minting with the number of coins manufactured determined as part of the preorder process. That version of the coin will not be remade after the initial minting.

  5. We are very excited to announce that Voyages of Exploration - Sea is now available for preorder at Cache Addict. VoE-Sea is the first in a four coin series commemorating those who ventured out beyond the horizon to discover what lay beyond the edge of the world they knew.


    There are four regular editions (Gold, Silver, Antique Gold, and Antique Silver) and a Limited Edition Antique Bronze.

  6. We have sample coins back from the mint for Road's End! So it's now time to show the castle side of the coin, which we hadn't announced previously. We’ll be making a couple of small color tweaks from the samples for the final coins, but expect these to be available soon. There are also several other editions planned, but those won't be shown until another time. For higher resolution photos visit our Facebook page



  7. Are the Green and Red translucent of just the purple?


    It will vary a bit. The purple area is designed to have a translucent in all cases. Our plan is that for one edition of the coin all will be translucent, for others the green and red areas will be glitters.

  8. Thanks for all the comments so far. We know that this side of the coin is similar to Ernie's Labyrinth. We've made sure we do have a different maze than Ernie's coin, and Road's End as a whole will be very different. The pattern on this side is important to the theme.


    Here's a tweaked version of option 1 based on feedback.



  9. Too sad, I missed out Tsun´s own sale of the other editions of Pax, but I have an extra Fire Breather and would trade him for his purple brother Hiccup. No sale and no other trades please. Purple is my favorite color and the Hiccup Pax the one I like most. So if someone wants to trade a Hiccup against my Fire Breather, just send me a private message here in the forum.


    Email sent.

  10. For most coins the activation code is either included with the coin on a slip of paper or can be retrieved via the web. If the coin has a card from the mint who manufactured it with it that card may list the URL to get the activation code. If not, decribe the con or post a photo (obscure the ID) and we can help you find the correct source for the code.

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