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  1. Some newbies like me (who have yet to look for their first cache due to all the probs w/ the GPSr) are looking for some less intriguing caches than you may be as an experienced cacher. Perhaps we can assign a 'report card' to be filled out by the cache placer? I guess this requires honesty and knowledge. BTW, I guess I won't place my first one in the green space behind my backyard now. :huh:

  2. No, until yesterday, there was no communication between my computer and my GPSR. When I say I downloaded something, I meant into my computer. My husband spent some time again yesterday with it, doing all sorts of things which I can't tell you what they are, nor probably does he specifically remember which did the trick, but now my MapSource and GRSr can communicate. We've been working on this off and on for over a month. I still can't get EasyGPS to work. Since I knew fundamentally the problem was in communication, I have not downloaded any other things to help with waypoints. I will now have to fiddle some more and see what I can learn.

    Additionally, it seems I still can't get it to talk to MapSource on my computer w/ XP. the above was on my husband's computer using Win '98. Anyone else having problems they attribute to XP?

  3. After trying for over a month to get things working, my husband today got my MapSource to recognize my GPSr, and I merely copied and pasted the coordinates to the Mapsource and downloaded from there. The EasyGPS would not work for me. Now I don't know if there are other advantages to downloading the other way as I've never experienced them... :rolleyes:

  4. OK, I downloaded what you said to, and it seems to have gotten me closer in that my GPSr is listed in that little box you get when you try to send info from the computer to the GPSr, but it still lists it as a serial port rather than a USB, and says it is getting no info from the GPSr. I have downloaded drivers for the USB, checked them with tech support from Garmin, and downloaded an update I got today from Garmin, so I'm at v. 2.06.

  5. Well, I'm using Trip and Waypoint Manager v. 2.01 supplied by Garmin, and I downloaded the site's EasyGPS to download in .loc. Oh, and if this means anything to you, it seems the computer wants to think its a serial, but when I look in device manager, it sees it under Garmin as a USB.

  6. Help! I have not been able to connect my GPSr to my comp. My GPSr does not seem to be recognized even tho it is listed in the device log. The technical service rep said it is because I have Win XP. Anyone else have this problem and know of solutions? Thanks.

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