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  1. I still don't see a reason to be rude. One man's easy is another man's lame. If you're experienced and jaded enough to judge a cache to be lame, you should be experienced enough to glean from the page that it might not be the one you're searching for to give new meaning to your life.
  2. This is an interesting post. I, too have worried a little bit about being by myself. I will cache alone locally, but want a male to accompany when a longer hike is required, both for safety from accidents in the wild, and from coming upon an undesireable element of society. Interesting hearing others thoughts on it. I am a pretty independant kind of woman, but I do have a thought to where I go. I may check out some of that OC, thanks for the tip.
  3. Jeremy, I wouldn't mind seeing some of the beautiful pictures from the favorite picture thread.
  4. I have more of a problem feeling scairt being out in the middle of nowhere by myself.
  5. Closest to my aunt's and cousins' houses is over 13 miles. I will be putting one down there next time I visit.
  6. Some TB hotels ask that you put one if you take one so they can maintain a good number.
  7. These are my favorite: Never mess with a geocacher. We know all the best places to hide a body. Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for ye are crunchy and taste good with ketchup. I also like the one about must listen to the cat. I need to get one other than where I live.
  8. Thanks to jaysjunk2000 and Artimis, the cache is adopted!
  9. Count me in. I have been meaning to do it- maybe it will motivate me.
  10. Sounds interesting to me! Does the 'He Said' part come with a requirement of asking directions ?
  11. I posted in the SW forum looking for adopters.
  12. Anyone in the Tucson area interested in adopting Pentagon Hill in the eastern part of the city? The owner has not logged on to gc.com since 2003, and has not responded to notes requesting TLC. Its in a neat place. I DNF'd on vacation in Tucson Thankksgiving week. Many others have found it barren and soggy. I will SBA at the end of the week if no takers. Thanks.
  13. Well, I'm not near anymore, I was just visiting the area. I guess I can give it a few days, perhaps someone near may read this thread and decide to take it over. It is in an interesting area. If nothing is done by the end of the week, I will write an SBA. Thanks.
  14. Just wanted to ask about the should be archived note. What happens after this is chosen? Does it go to the local approver? I have been watching Pentagon Hill since I went looking for it. I sent a note a note to owner with no response. The logs indicate it needed attention since Halloween. Should I do the 'should be archived' button?
  15. If you get another, I'd go for new. Like they said, old yeller can be had for a song. If while you're waiting, you practice w/ the old, just think how good you'll be!
  16. How 'bout a deck of cards w/ a card or 2 taken out? Not playing w/ a full deck. A small doll not sitting in a doll house rocking chair. Off your rocker. A nut and bolt that doesn't qite fit together. Got a screw loose.
  17. Kit Fox, here's one that's coming up on Desert Trail-Pentagon Hill. I e-mailed owner and never got response. Huge rain day after I looked for it which was remarkable as it is around Tuscon.
  18. Pencil me in. I have to OK it w/ hubby and figure out what the 1st base is .
  19. When I was at San Xavier del Bac outside of Tuscon, some crew was filming something.
  20. I got a clear Lexan box for a cache and a book on geocaching. And some gloves that will help keep me warm.
  21. 'Fraid you probably will, such as Mapsource if you have a Garmin, and then some thing like EasyGps or GSAK to use the website. Look around on the website- its a great learning tool.
  22. Got it!!!!!!! I opted for 300x470. Thanks to everyone mucho for your help!!!
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