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  1. I don't see our name - 2 silver, 2 bronze please!
  2. I have a Dell Axim x50v that I bought and it has a three year extended warranty. It includes the GPS, Pocket Streets and trips from Microsoft and a ton of cords etc. I currently use it with gpxsonar and beeline and the PDA takes you directly to the cache and gives you all the information. I am including a hardcase (just bought) with it. I am upgrading my phone to the new Siemens x66 and don't need this PDA also. Price is $500 shipped in the CONUS. I will help the new buyer to understand the programs including the GPS etc. This includes: Dell X50v (barely used) 3 year warranty (about 2 and 1/2 years left) extra battery Bluetooth GPS unit Microsoft Streets and Trips PocketPc version power cord for car cradle and power cord for desktop computer SD card expansion card This is an amazing PocketPc! You can watch full length DVDs, go geocaching, and connect to the internet with the WIFI! http://reviews.cnet.com/Dell_Axim_X50v/450...29.html?tag=pop
  3. Please check before sending any money as the supply is almost out. Some people preordered but never paid so their coins went into the general fund and have been sold to others. If you preordered but never paid please check!
  4. I am also going to write the number in the first PaNoWeGe cache so that if you don't have the number for the second one you can always visit the first to get it.
  5. They are not trackable. The number on the back of the coins and wooden nickels is the same and I am placing a cache here in lovely Seattle where you will need it to solve the lat/longitude. We plan on releasing more editions of PaNoWeGe Kids Coins in the future and they will continue to have the same number on them. Plus, as we visit caches we are dropping wooden nickels in the caches also.
  6. Sounds like you are talking to your dog... Just kidding. I expected to hear "Fetch"
  7. We went hiking yesterday and I couldn't resist taking some photos of our geocoins! Post your favorite photo of your geocoin! Here is Grandpa KirklandExplorer and youngest KirklandExplorer dropping off a TB Geocoin!
  8. Anything for a Blazer fan... I have some coins left so feel free to paypal me at rjg1966@hotmail.com for $7 for each coin shipped (metal that is). The wooden nickels are almost all gone.
  9. Glad you noticed! That is the zip code for where I grew up (Bowman North Dakota). You are the first to notice I thought I would add my personal touch to the coin...
  10. All remaining orders of the PaNoWeGe Coins and wooden nickels were shipped today (Friday!).
  11. All remaining orders of the North Dakota Coins were shipped today!
  12. We have mailed the coins that do not have any wooden nickels. The ones with the nickels are being mailed on Friday! Everyone should have them by early next week.
  13. I have some extra coins available after some cancelled orders. They cost $7 each shipped. Paypal to rjg1966@hotmail.com.
  14. I was inspired for the coin by my trip to North Dakota this summer where a rattlesnake left it's skin right next to a cache I found. Needless to say we didn't hang out to find where the rest of the snake was
  15. Actually, they didn't sell out that fast. I started taking preorders on 7/14/05. I only minted 600 as at the time I had orders for about 500 and change. Since then the other 100 have sold. I know other states (Washington for example) sold 1,500 coins! Does anyone else know what the others states have sold for their coins in a total number?
  16. Each coin weighs *GASP* 2.6 ounces... Yimey you would have to have a strong horse
  17. These are 2" coins and weigh a ton! I underestimated on the shipping cost
  18. No, I am waiting for the final part of the nickels to be sent to me today (Tuesday). I hope to send them out starting on Thursday to everyone that ordered the wooden nickels.
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