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  1. Sheesh. I'm not faulting Groundspeak for not having an update ready to roll. Other apps are working with multi-tasking "as is" and I'd hoped GC would, too.


    The only apps that will work are the ones that have been compiled with the 4.0 SDK. Until Groundspeak does that and submits it to Apple it won't work. Its on the app developers to compile the apps and submit them, not Apple.

  2. ...Why the additional GPS receiver? Because the one in the iPhone SUCKS for geocaching, that's why!...


    Can I quote you on that, the next (20 lol) times some iPhone groupie starts carrying on about how awesome the built-in iPhone GPS performance is? :)


    Lol I haven't seen that anywhere. GPS on the iPhone kinda blows. It works fine for car navigation but anything pinpoint you better get a hand held.

  3. I think I will just buy mine at Amazon.com "$350.80 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver" Plus, with Garmin's mail in rebate the end costs will be $300.80. I doubt I would be able to beat this on Ebay. Gramin will not honor the rebate if you purchase a GPS from Ebay.


    The rebate doesn't apply to purchases from Amazon either...

  4. MotionX GPS will


    I don't find my 3GS to be that accurate, its around 44ft in the urban areas, you lose more when you go under tree cover or out of service range.


    Now mine works great for car navigation, I use the TomTom app and it works perfectly. Can't wait to get my 4G though!

  5. Hmm I am not sure about this but very interested. I'll do some digging and see if you can load POI files into the TomTom app. I'm not sure if you can or not


    Found a lot of info like this, I think its possible. I'm going to try loading a PQ once I get off work. Mods if these links aren't appropriate feel free to delete, I looked and didn't see anything against the rules about it though.





  6. So the $199 from REI is definitely a really good deal.


    I just checked REI.com, and the 60csx is listed at $350 instead. Is the $199 an in store only special? There is an REI about 65 miles from me, so I *could* goto a physical store. I just wanna verify where you have seen that price before I plan to make the trip. (And its a new store, so finding the phone number for the location will be a PIA.)


    I'm not sure about REI, but BPS has it for that price too




    SAVE20A will save you $20

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