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  1. Thanks mizdeeds! I have a question, can I send you a picture or two of the jets that I take care of to use in the image instead of the F-16? If so, where should I send them to? One last one, I don't know if there is a standard per say for an avatar but could I have something that is more square than rectangular, eventually I'd like to use the image on some signature items such as wooden nickels. If this messes up some sort of avatar "standard" then don't worry about it. Thanks for your time, I do appreciate it. Steve (JetMonkey)
  2. Just a quick note to let crative minds know I'm still interested. About a year ago I asked about having an avatar created and I'm guessing due to the heavy volume of requests mine got lost in the mix. Recently I posted a request again and yep, I understand there are tons and tons of requests so I'm just letting the people who create these things know that I'm still interested and as time permits I'd still like have my own avatar/logo made. Thanks!
  3. The Coyote looks cool, enough detail so we know what it is and not too much to muddy it up.
  4. I too would like to have my own avatar but have no clue how to make one. I work as an jet aircraft maint tech which is why I chose the geocaching name of JetMonkey. I'd like to have an avatar that incorporates a jet plane, a maint tech (possibly as a monkey) and maybe also an ammo can and a gps (I use a Garmin 60CSx if that helps). I know sometimes less is more so I understand if everything can't be included. Eventually I'd like to be able to use the same image to have custom wood nickels made and maybe even someday a personlized geocoin. I appreciate any help you could provide! Thanks, Steve (JetMonkey)
  5. I agree with Briansnat, is there really a need to have an alarm fuction on a GPSr, are people really using it or are people just mad because it's just not there. To me, instead of potentially paying more money for features like this on my GPSr it would seem cheaper to head to the nearest Dakota Watch Co. Kiosk and pick up awatch with an alarm for $20.
  6. Just a quick follow-up. I installed the updates for both CachMate and GSAK. Yesteday I found 19 caches and logged everything using CacheMate (mobile PC version) and when I got home I used the GPX Export feature in CacheMate, loaded the file into GSAK and everything loaded just fine. I opened my notes in GSAK and tweaked them as needed! Now when I get home from work today I'll copy and paste my notes as I log my finds on Geocaching.com. Finished! Thanks again guys, so far everything seems to be working just fine! Steve (JetMonkey)
  7. Wow, I’m very impressed! I had a question/problem with some software, I post a question, two different programs are involved, both sides talk things out (without any finger pointing) and release a solution/bug fix later the same day? Awesome! Man after writing this I sure hope the software works! Thanks Brian (CacheMate) and Clyde (GSAK), I wish your efforts of support were emulated more often by others who’s idea of support might not be as focused as yours, I appreciate your efforts. Steve
  8. If you want to send the exported GPX file to the Smittyware support address, I can check it to make sure it's valid. Should be, as I've validated GPX files coming out of it before. Thank you sir, I'll send it off once I get home. Thanks again for the help! Steve
  9. Hmmm...Well not quite there yet. Made a couple of "fake" finds including some notes using CacheMate and then exported the info using "GPX Export". The file went to my laptop and then I opened GSAK and yep, I saw the "Load CacheMate Logs and Finds" option. Using this feature on GSAK I located the file that I transferred from my PDA but when I try to load the file I get this message "File: <unknown>. Line 673 Col: 1 Error: Badly formed UTF-8 character in stream" Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any help! Steve
  10. Thanks for the reply back, I'm not sure of the setting, I'm sure it's probably set to the default setting because I don't recall ever changing it. I'm at work right now but I'll check the setting once I get home. As far as the TB log I'll look for that on my PDA, I think I saw it earlier as I was trying to figure things out. I think it would be a great addition to have TB movement built into the field notes display when the records are accessed later. I dropped one TB in a cache yesteday and after I finished my log entry on Geocaching.com I realized that I forgot all about the TB since it's movement wasn't in the field note. This would seem like a logical place to see TB movement since this is where it would seem that people would want to see all info that they have logged about a particular found cache (Nice hide, muddy today, my #300 find!, TNLNSL, Retrieved "Insert TB name here" TB...I like the sound of it already!!!). This would be great to see in the future! Thanks for the tip on the GSAK setting! Steve (JetMonkey)
  11. After having a major “deleting” problem with a different PDA/Geocaching program I decided to try CacheMate (Mobile PC version) on my HP 4705. I tried it yesterday as I found 4 local caches and used it to make some notes on my finds and to also record a TB that I left in one of the caches that I found. Later I tried to export this info into GSAK, I used the “GPX Export” feature and eventually the file was saved to my laptop. Using my laptop I opened GSAK and imported the file that was made by CacheMate but all it seemed to do was mark the four caches that I found as being “Found” in GSAK, nowhere in GSAK was I able to see the notes that I recorded in the field using CacheMate, not even the TB that I dropped off? Is this normal or does something need to be configured? Going back to my PDA, I even used the “HTML Notes Report” feature and I can see my notes but I’m not able to see the TB that I left in one of the caches. I guess what I’m trying to do is this, I’d like to be able to use CacheMate to record my finds, log any notes that I might make and log any TB’s that I may pick up or drop off. Later I would like to be able to take all of this info (not just part of it) and be able to see it in GSAK. I was using GPX Sonar and I was able to do this using that program, it would let me import this info into the “Notes” section in GSAK for each specific cache, but after losing all the notes for 27 caches that I found last Sunday I decided to try CacheMate. Any help would be appreciated! Steve (JetMonkey)
  12. I know it's been discussed in the past but I've never had a problem until today, my son and I found 27 caches and I logged my finds, TB finds and drops and notes using GPX Sonar (using on an HP 4705). For no apparent reason all my finds and notes have been deleted, does anyone know how to possibly recover this info? For grins even though the notes are no longer visible I tried to "export" them using the export notes to GSAK feature hoping that maybe they were hidden but none of them transferred. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Steve (JetMonkey)
  13. If you're referring to using the 60 CSx with a program such as N Route, then yep, it works. I downloaded and installed the 2.60 update last night and while my 60 CSx was still connected to my laptop via it's USB cable I was able to connect just fine to N Route. I scanned through the various tabs (waypoints, routes, sat page, etc) and everything seems to work just fine, it was late so I haven't had a chance yet to go outside and drive around the block to look at things but so far so good. Hope this is what you are referring to! Steve
  14. Thanks everyone for the help!!! I'm still working on my travel plans, Tucson is a definite for the week of June 5th, my California plans have changed slightly, I'm only going to have a week of vacation that I'll be able to add to my Tucson trip and since work will be flying me in and out of Phoenix (I prefer to drive from Phoenix to Tucson) I wont be able to do a San Francisco trip this time. I want to take my famility to San Fran, north to Napa Valley and even to Yosemite, one week including drive time to and from Phoenix wont do the San Fran area justice so it looks like after my training in Tucson we'll drive over to San Diego (about a 6 hour drive from what I can see so far) and spend the time in San Diego this time. I'm planning on doing two weeks hopefully next year in the San Fran area with my family as a true vacation and not coupled to any training so I'll get there eventually!!! I think that will give us a better San Fran trip. I appreciate everyone's help, I'd still like to here people's tips if you have them! Thanks again, Steve (JetMonkey)
  15. JetMonkey

    Gpx Sonar

    I have a quick question, I'm trying out GPX Sonar to see if I like paperless caching (I think I do). I used it yesterday while doing some geocaching and I made "Field Notes" for each cache that I found and was pleased that later I could review them and even open a "Field Note report". I also like the fact that I can send my field notes to GSAK but I'd like to know if anyone knows how to sort the notes by timestamp, is this possible? I haven't found a way to do it yet. Thanks in advance for any help, Steve
  16. I haven't messed around yet with Garmin's POI Loader but after reading many of the posts about it I sure plan to. I was wondering if there is a preferred way to load the POI files and possibly maps themselves to the Mico SD card. Between using a USB cable connected to the GPSr or by using a card reader, is one way preffered over the other for any reason? One last question, if you use a USB cable, how do you know the POIs are being loaded on the Micro SD card and not the GPSr unit itself? Thanks in advance, Steve
  17. Thanks, actually, I never thought about the "no cache zone" makes perfect sense to me!
  18. I have a question regarding the search radius and cache limit when setting up a pocket query. There is a setting for the radius of your search (default is 100 miles) and there is a setting for how many caches the query will look for in that radius. I typically set the radius for a search to the approx max distance that I’m willing to drive for this query, I then set the number of caches to the max limit of 500. What is it then that should result in my query? Suppose in reality this is an area that is heavily loaded with caches, say there are 1000 of then in the radius of my search (say 50 miles this time). I know I should only see 500 caches since this is the max limit of the query, I’m assuming that it’s the 500 closest to the center of the location that I’m asking for (say I used a zip code for this search). Basically the caches in the query would start at the center of the zip code I entered then working it’s way out until the max limit of 500 is reached? If this were a very heavily loaded cache area, in theory I could reach the 500 cache limit but only be 10 miles out in my 50 mile request? The query doesn’t do anything odd like pick 500 caches (since I asked for 500) that are located in the full 50 mile radius (since I asked for 50) and give me 500 random caches scattered across this whole area (since I asked for 50 miles) does it? Hopefully this question makes sense! Now what if the opposite were true, suppose I was headed for a part of the country where caches were spaced out far from each other. If I used the same settings, 500 caches and 50 mile radius, but in reality there were only 300 caches in this radius all I would see this time in my query would be the 300 caches and they would be located across the full mile radius? I know this sounds like a pretty basic question, and I’ve probably answered it for myself but I want to make sure I understand the two search limits of the query. Thanks in advance for the help, Steve
  19. Thank you both for the help, it looks like I'll need to register on the San Fran site to access any of the forums, it's free so no biggie. It also looks like I better pack a few pairs of jeans and a jacket too! Thanks for the tip! Steve
  20. Hi, I posted a question earlier in the West and Southwest forum. I'm not sure how much traffic that forum gets but since this one sees quite a bit I would like to ask the folks living in Tucson and San Francisco to take a peak at it and reply to the post I have there. It's titled "Visiting Tucson and San Francisco" Thanks for the help
  21. Hello all, This June I expect to be traveling to both Tucson and San Francisco and I have questions regarding both. First stop…Tucson. Work has sent me to Tucson over a dozen times in the last 10 years so I know my way around town reasonably well for someone who lives in Ohio but this will be my first visit there since I began geocaching. I’ll be in town for a week but during the day I’ll be in training, my geocaching time will pretty much be limited to all day Sunday prior to my week of training then in the late afternoon/evenings during the week. I’ll be staying in the NE corner of town but I’ll be training at the airport (Tucson International not the AFB). Anyway, I’m looking for “must do” type of cache recommendations that I can do in the time limitations that I’ll have. Of coarse I plan to hit as many as I can but I’m curious if there are any stand out as a must do type of cache while I’m there. Now onto San Francisco, my family and I are planning a vacation to San Fran during the last two weeks in June. Do my wife’s boss being a (insert bad word of choice here), she’s not able to take 2 full weeks but 8 days total not including the weekend. So our plan at the moment is that my son who is 10 and I will probably fly out on a Saturday then my wife will fly out to join us on the following Tuesday for our family vacation, not ideal but thanks to my wife’s boss this is about the best we can do for now. The intent is that in the days that my son and I are there alone we plan to do some caching so that once my wife arrives we can head off to hit the sites together. Since this is the arrangement for now, I plan on using some hotel points that I have to save some money until my wife shows up, right now my choices are to stay on Cedar Blvd in Newark (about 30 miles away south east of San Fran from what I can tell) or we can stay in Novato which looks to be about 20 miles north of San Fran. Not ideal I know, but once my wife shows up we plan on hitting Yosemite then coming back to San Fran where we’ll stay in town. I’ve never been to San Fran so I’d like to know if there is any reason that one of these two locations to stay is better than the other. Also, if I were to commute into San Fran to geocache, are there any concerns about things like parking (paying to park at each cache location could really add up!) and also the bridge tolls, do you have to pay when crossing each way or does the toll you pay in the morning cover your return later in the day? Last one, does San Francisco have any “must do” type caches that I should really try to get in while there? Thanks a bunch for any help you guys can provide! Steve
  22. JetMonkey

    Garmin Poi

    Thanks Timpat for the info, as time permits I want to play around with the POI feature, your tips are a great help! I'm still a little confused as is embra is, can the POI's be stored on the memory card? If so, it sounds like the comment about not being able to delete POIs would be false since being on a memory card you should be able to add and remove data as you wish? Am I close? Thanks again for the help!
  23. JetMonkey

    Garmin Poi

    Hi everyone, I read a post a couple of days ago about the Garmin POI software and now I'm interested in it. I know you're able to make custom points of interest and even download ones such as traffic camera locations and then store them on your GPSr. Is there anywhere online that a good tutorial can be found on how to do this? I downloaded the software from Garmin and experimented with a Pocket Query. I expected it to ask me which fie I wanted to open then display all the items in that file then let me edit them as I wished (such as change the icon, name, etc) then ask me what I wanted to do with the new or edited POIs (such as save the file to my laptop, save it to the GPSr, maybe even the memory card in my GPSr. Instead, it wanted me to connect my GPSr then it asked which file I wanted to open then before I knew it, it loaded my PQ file into my GPSr. I have no idea if it sent the POIs to the unit itself or it's memory card. I can find them on my GPSr (60 CSx) and even see them displayed on a map but I'm not even sure how to delete them! I'm hoping in a few months to be able to head to San Francisco on vacation with my family. What I'd like to do is in advance make multiple POI's for areas that I want to take pictures of and attach a note to it. For example if there is a great spot to take a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge that's a mile away from the bridge I would like to make a POI that shows this spot with a note telling me if I should shoot the picture early in the day, later in the day or possibly at sunset. Not sure if this is the route to take or if I'm better off just making a waypoint in MapSource? I also want the ability when making the POI's to be able to save them just to my laptop or possibly to my GPSr's memory card. Thanks for the help! Dazed and confused, JetMonkey
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