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  1. Bummer, it would be nice to be able to install both types of batteries then toggle from one to the other when one type gets low. Not sure what the point of the sealed battery pack is other than saving a couple of ounces of weight since the AA option is far cheaper if using rechargables and the duration with the AAs is longer.


    Thanks for the reply, I'm going to order a Montana, and still carry extra batteries of one form or another in my pockets!

  2. Just a quick question,


    Can you install both the battery pack that comes with the Garmin Montana AND the AA batteries at the same time or just one or the other?


    It would be nice if the pack and the AAs could be installed then switch between the two one the other loses power.


    Thanks in advance.



  3. I think I was at Lurray Caverns probably about 30 years ago. My family went on vacation and I think that was one of our stops.


    I know there is supposed to be a concrete lookout somewhere on the Blue Ridge Parkway, it's supposed to be either a virtual or Earth cache. Sometime this weekend I want to put together a route along the parkway and see what caches lie along it.


    Thanks for reminding me about the caverns!

  4. Hello all,


    Next month my family and I are driving from Ohio to Hilton Head SC. We're basically driving from Ohio to HH along I-77 but on our way back I would like to take a different route home. I thought that since the Blue Ridge Parkway crosses our route that maybe that would be a cool diversion as we head home. Does anyone know if any particular section of the parkway is more scenic or better to travel than another part? I want to hit some geocaches that may be along the route but I also collect the passport stamps from the National Park Service so I wouldn't mind stopping at some of the historic sites and visitor centers that are scattered along the way.


    Overall, we probably wont do a lot of hiking unless they are short hikes since we are working our way home but if it's worthy of the time the a hike or two would be fine. I wish I had time to drive the entire thing but I need to 8take on just a section of it for now, maybe 100 to 125 miles of it would work out.


    Thanks in advance for the help!

  5. I've pretty much used Garmin's Mapsource and nRoute by default since I use a Garmin GPS and have the software I've never cared much however for the feel or look of Mapsource itself, and I'm kicking around the idea of buying a better product to use when traveling. I'm mostly interested in routing software that will calculate and recalculate routes but also I'd like a program that will let me add waypoints such as geocaches so they can be displayed along a route.


    So far it seems like Microsoft's Streets and Trips and Delorme's map software seem to be the most popular but I haven't seen anything that says you can add your own waypoints such as geocaches into them (although you can in Delorme's Topo software). Does anyone have a program they like better than the Garmin products, if so, why?


    Thanks for the help!

  6. Yep, I have another question, I know the Colorado works with Garmin's heart-rate monitor but where and what does it look like?


    I downloaded the owner's manual from Garmin's website and it tells you how to set it up but doesn't mention anything at all about what page your heart-rate would be displayed on or even what the display looks like.


    I'm interested in this feature especially when on longer more difficult hikes, does anyone know how this is displayed on the Colorado?



  7. Thanks Red,


    I have a stupid question though...what is Garmin's free spinner program? This is the first I've dabbled with this so as I research things I seem to find more and more to research!


    Thanks again for the help.

  8. Hello all,

    I'm still kicking around the idea of buying a Garmin GPS 10 bluetooth reciever, obviously it will work with nRoute and is compatible with Garmin's City Nav. In a previous post it was suggested that some other receivers as well as other software should also be considered before settleing on a GPS 10.


    My question is in regards to non-Garmin mapping software, does anyone know if the GPS 10 can be used with products such as Microsoft's Streets and Trips or any of the software produced by Delorme?


    My main reason for wanting to go with the GPS 10 is because it comes with City Nav which I can also use with a 400t if I decide to buy one. The price of the software alone can be found online for about $129, the GPS 10 with the same software can be found for about $149 so it's sort of like buying the software and getting the bluetooth recever for another $20.


    I looked at the specs on Garmins site and they say that the GPS 10's interface/protocol is "NMEA 0183, sent. GGA/GSA/GSV/GLL/RMC/VTG and Garmin proprietary".


    Does anyone have first hand knowledge of using th eGPS 10 with another brand of software?


    Thanks for the help.

  9. Thanks for the info robertlipe,

    Actually no real love affair with Mapsource or Nroute but I guess there is a method to my madness, I should explain a bit.


    I have a 60CSx and a personal laptop that I use for everything.


    I'm buying an HP tablet for travel since it's smaller and I don't want any personal info such as banking data on a travel laptop. I went with a tablet because using it on a plane or while driving somewhere should be much easier than a regular laptop.


    Since I'm thinking about replacing my 60CSx (which has City Nav NT 2008 installed on it) with a 400t I wanted to secure a couple of things. I want to be able to use a routing program and do a clean install of City Nav since I'll probably sell my 60CSx. If I sell it I would include the current City Nav software with all codes associated with the unit so the new owner could access maps that are "locked" to that unit.


    Buying a GPS 10 would give me the wireless Bluetooth routing feature (the tablet will have built-in Bluetooth so I wont have a USB thingie hanging off the side) and since the GPS 10 comes with City NAV I would get a clean full install so that it could be unlocked with the GPS 10 and the Colorado. I would be covering both bases (live routing and having City Nav). I know I can use the GPS unit instead of the GPS 10 puck but I'd prefer not to especially if I'm geocaching. That's really the reason for using NRoute I guess, hope this makes sense.


    The GPS 10 can be bought online for $149 and since the City Nav costs about $129 alone it's like getting the bluetooth receiver for $20.


    You're comment about other software and options has me looking a bit now. I wish Microsoft had free trials of their mapping software available. It looks like the Garmin GPS 10 puck would work with their program. So I may go the route I'm thinking but also buy something like Streets and Trips to play with , I think I saw it for something like $39.


    Not sure yet if I'll replace the 60 CSx with a Colorado but if I do then the City Nav software that comes with the GPS 10 would cover it.


    Sorry for the long post, hope this makes sense, i appreciate your comments.

  10. Wow, 512MB vs 3 or 4 GB, that's a big difference. Wonder why the change from 3 to 4 gig in the 400t, it sounds like Garmin may have ticked some people off by giving some 3 gig and others 4 gig.


    I'm assuming the internal memory can be used for storing maps? Can routes, waypoints and geocaches also be stored on the internal memory or is it just for something like maps?


    OK, one more question, the limit of 2000 geocaches stored on the Colorado, is that really 2000 waypoints TOTAL or is that 2000 geocaches plus any waypoints that you may have such as your home, work, vacation spots, etc?


    Thanks again for the help!

  11. I'm still kicking a round the idea of buying a Colorado 400t but I'm curious as to how much internal memory the units have. I checked Garmin's web-site and under specs it says "Internal memory...Yes", well Duh! How much though?

    Does the Colorado 300 and 400t have the same amount of internal memory and also can the internal memory be used for storing maps, waypoints etc or is it designed for something else. I know there is an SD slot but I was wondering what Garmin will let the internal memory be used for.


    Thanks for the help!

  12. Hello all,


    I currently have a laptop that I has Mapsource City Nav Nt and N'Route installed on it. I also have a 60 CSx that I'll use with this setup and I use the 60CSx as my antenna when using the N'Route software on roadtrips.


    I'm thinking about buying a GSP 10 so that I don't have to have my 60CSx connected to the laptop. What I would like to know is if i buy just teh GPS 10 unit by itself will it work with my current setup or do I need an uinlock code for the GPS 10 to be able to work with my Mapsource/N'Route products?


    I did call Garmin to ask them this question and the rep said it would work as is without an unlock code. I had another question later and called Garmin back and the rep I talked to the second time said no it wont work, I need an inlock code for the GPS 10 to use the mapping programs. Basically two separate phone calls to Garmin with 2 opposite answers so now I'm not sure if it will work or not.


    Does anyone know for sure if I buy the GPS 10 unit by itself whether or not it will work without an unlock code?


    Thanks for the help!



  13. Hello all,


    I'm kicking around the idea of buying a smaller travel laptop both for personal reasons but also to use during some geocaching trips. I'm looking at the HP TX 1410us and the newer TX 2000 series tablet/laptops because they are small, light and since the screen rotates 180 degrees and then lays flat they seem perfect to use in a car while traveling.


    I'm interested in using GSAK, Mapsource and Garmin's N'Route. Does anyone have any experience with either of these tablets being used with these programs? During use I'd like to have the screen folder flat in the tablet mode then be able to select caches using N'Route.


    I'm sure I'll think of more questions soon but thought I'd ask these now.


    Thanks in advance for your help!

  14. I'm curious, can both City Navigator NT 2008 maps and Topo 2008 maps be loaded onto the micro SD card and viewed on a Garmin 60 CSx? No doubt each can be loaded onto the card separately and used but can they both be on the card at the same time and then switched back and forth to view on the GPS?


    Thanks for the help,



  15. Aloha!

    My wife turns 40 this year so I've saved up my nickels and I'm taking her on a surprise trip in four weeks to Maui for her 40th birthday (from Ohio). We were there 16 years ago and loved it so I thought it would be a great trip for my wife's birthday.


    In addition, I'm 2 caches away from reaching my 2000th find so I plan on making my 2K on Maui and I'd love some recommendations for this find. We're staying in Kihei for a week so I'd prefer to make this find maybe within a half hour drive of Kihei. That way I can make the find on our first day and then continue to find caches as time permits throughout the week. We'll have a car and plan to drive everywhere on the island so other cool cache recommendations would be appreciated too.


    Thanks in advance for the help!



  16. For what it's worth to anyone, I live just south of Cleveland and I too was able to pick up a 2 gig micro SD card from Verizon today. I went into a local Verizon store and told them that I've been reading online (this forum) that the cards are selling for $99 and some people are able to get a 25% discount. The guy at the counter went in the back to see if they had any cards in stock and walked back with one. The price was $129.99! Too much for me at this time! Anyway, when I asked about any discount pricing he checked the computer and "hey" it's on sale for $99.99. Verizon isn't my cell provider and he never asked but I told him that I'm eligible through my employer for a discount on cell service and asked him if that would apply to accessories. As I showed him my employee ID he checked the screen and said "yep" and sold me the 2 gig card for $74.99 plus tax.

    I installed the entire continental US on the card and so far it seems to work fine, I plan to use it on the road tomorrow to see if there are any problems.


    Hope this helps someone who might be contemplating buying a card.

  17. I'm curious, does anyone know if the user notes in GSAK can be searched? I've messed around with the search filters and haven't figured it out.

    Suppose you've entered a note in the note section for a cache that you found. In the note you wrote that it was your 500th find and sometime later you can't remember which cache was your 500th. Can you do a search of some sort that will find the term "500" in the user note section?


    Thanks for any help,



  18. I have a work issued Blackberry and used it for a little while as an attempt to go paperless. I was using Mobipocket Reader on the device. For me I thought it was pretty worthless overall and since, I have abandoned the idea in favor of using a good ol dedicated PDA. The three main things that I didn't like about it were:


    1) No touch screen, doing everything via the track wheel is doable but not as convenient as a PDA touch-screen.


    2) If there is a cache that you were after and wanted to resort to using it's hint (if it had one) you had to go to another area of the database under "Appendix" if I remember right to get the info. Many times it seemed pretty easy to get things out of whack buy bouncing from one part of the file (cache description) to it's matching hint.


    3) Overall it's harder to read all the cache's data on a small Blackberry screen vs. a larger PDA screen


    It would be nice to use just one device such as a Blackberry for geocaching but for me at least, the negatives and frustrations of using a Blackberry for geocaching outweigh the inconvenience of bringing along a dedicated PDA.


    Don't get me wrong since my Blackberry is work supplied I still bring it with me when I geocache but I use it for more practical purposes such as a wheel chock for when I park on steep hills or even as a coaster when I stop somewhere for lunch.


    As a business tool the Blackberry is OK (great for email, so so for most of the other things it does or tries to do) but for caching I’d go with a dedicated PDA.


    These are my geocaching experiences so there! (all kidding aside I hope this helps)



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