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  1. JohnES: It's a modified version of GeoBeagle: http://ntoll.org/article/hello-android Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think there's some copyright issue preventing the developers from distributing a version that integrates with Wikitude through the Market.
  2. Yes. I got this response last november: Lucky for you, you live in USA so you'll be able to buy the app though the Market. I hope they'll distribute it through other means as well, like handango, mobihand, slideme, getjar, cyrket, etc. or even better - a direct download apk paid for with paypal.
  3. Groundspeak shouldn't try to control open source developers. They should encourage them. Vendor lock-in is a bad idea. Geocachers has created the content, so the content should belong to geocachers. If I put out a cache, I generally want to make it available to everybody. Besides, trying to distribute and still control content doesn't seem to work so well for the music-, film-, book- nor software-industry... (Sorry if this is a bit OT, but it still concerns the "bestness" of android apps...)
  4. I got an apk from the developer to test on my Tattoo and it works pretty smoothly. A couple of tweeks are needed here and there, but the 240x320 resolution is not really a problem. [removed] is great.
  5. I can't find [removed] in the market, which means that either it doesn't support a 320x240 resolution, or costs money and are thus available in only a select few countries... Too bad, it sounds like a nice app.
  6. beckerbuns: It seems that time flies... ardoreal: Sweet, I'll follow.
  7. Yes. Check the dates Personally I've found the combination GeoBeagle+GSAK to be a good one. I just search by the coordinates where I live to get the closest caches, then download the list as a GPX-file, click next page, download as GPX, next page, etc. I've imported almost 1000 caches to GSAK and exported those to GeoBeagle so I don't really need a live search as much as I did before. Still, you can send a mail to Groundspeak asking about the Android app and whether they'll give other apps access to their database... Just to remind them that we're waiting for it
  8. robertlipe: I may have misunderstood you. All I mean to say is that any decent app that can access the DB directly (i.e. Groundspeaks apps) beats any descent app that can't (unless the app interfaces with geocaching.com directly, which I suppose Groundspeak wouldn't approve of.) PQ is a non-essential feature for me. Groundspeaks web interface is terrible to use on a mobile phone. Then again... at least a web interface works. If I had to travel home after work just to search for and transfer nearby caches to my phone, I simply wouldn't geocache... So the way Groundspeak restricts access to their DB, "my Android fone can't cache" properly.
  9. The reason why Groundspeaks apps is generally better is because they can access the cache DB directly, where as apps like GeoBeagle must go though the lousy web interface (lousy on a mobile phone.)
  10. Everyone remember to set your GPS device to your Android device in your geocaching.com profiles; Groundspeak probably focuses their attention on the devices that appear to be the most used.
  11. Ah, found it (GeoBeagle). Smack right on the opening screen (Just got my Android-phone a few days ago so I haven't had the time to test it much yet). Thanks.
  12. So did I: "Yes, we do have plans to develop a geocaching application for the Android application for the Android platform. It may be a while before it is released, however, since we are also focused on a number of other projects. So until then give your browser a try. If its a good as the one on the Iphone it will work fine to access the database." I'm hoping a decent browser like opera is released for the Tattoo soon. Which app can do that?
  13. I used contact@geocaching.com edit: in retrospect, there's also contact@Groundspeak.com which seems like a good target. You can choose yourself, they'll forward it to the right recipient anyway. Also, sending it to different adresses might make more people in Groundspeak Inc. aware of the issue. But choose only one of the adresses.
  14. I guess the best we can do is for everyone to send a mail to Groundspeak, asking for either an application made by them or for them to open up their database for use by the community. - If they don't have the resources; let the open source community do it - If it's about the money; we'll pay for the app like we did in the app store, and we'll pay for the ability to query the database I really don't understand why Groundspeak are preventing their own users from using them... edit: @bigeddy: Oh, nice. Still, there's no harm in reminding Groundspeak that this is something we really really really want
  15. Where did you hear that from? From what I've heard they don't care much about us Android-users... (In my opinion they should open up their database for everyone to use). Link?
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