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  1. Cool! I'm planning a trip to Chesapeake Bay for next summer. ade my living In the field of water quality/aquatic ecology and this EC is right on. In fact it gave me a few ideas on setting up my next one. Cache on! Great! Can't wait to see what you come up with!
  2. I'd like to offer two thoughts if I could: - Have you considered soliciting the opinions of the EC community regarding which to pick? Thinking about how it is ultimately us who will choose to place it on our EC listings or not it might be beneficial to you to have a feel from the community what we think of them. - Would you consider the possibility that there is more than one official banner selected. I'm thinking that I'm not alone in saying that I liked multiple submittals and would love to use several of them. Thanks!
  3. The problem that was referred to in the thread was that of not being able to see how many coins/TB's have visited your EC. Because they cannot be dropped the history of what has visited remains blank. It would be nice to be able to see how many have visited - just like a normal cache. But hey, let's not complain too loud - at least we can now have our coins/TB's visit EC's. Okay, let me restate then that when I said that I was having no problems I also meant that in dipping an EC coin that I could do and see the same things as I could with any other type of coin and on any other cache. Including seeing the coin listed within the page's history of TB/coins visited. So the history of what has visited was not blank, and I can also look at the history of mine and see all the visits that it made. Are you not able to do that?
  4. I've not had any problems and have been able to dip my GS EC coins as well as my GSA EC coins.
  5. Can't wait for the results -- hope to add it to an EC I'm working on now!
  6. I'm working on an EC and am just a bit over a week into the research. I have a pretty specific question that I need to ask related to formations/stratigraphy and what I believe is called stratigraphic relationships. I think that I've gone as far as I (a non-geologist) can in trying to understand conformable vs. unconformable and think that my question is going to be related to a type of unconformity and being able to classify a formation. But I have a graphic of formations at my EC site and need to ask a "what would this be called" kind of question about a particular named formation. I would like to be able to ask the specific question off-line because asking it here, and what with folks being able to search for forum posts, would I think give away something that I want to ask about in a logging question. And I also need to send a very small JPEG to you so that you can see what I'm referring to. I'm hoping that this is the kind of thing that a geologist who is knowledgeable on stratigraphic relationships would be able to look at it and quickly say, "oh, when a formation is like that it's called ____." Thanks!!!
  7. And here's my salt marsh Owls Creek Salt Marsh.
  8. I hosted an EC event on 10/10/10. Wasn't quite sure what to expect or what we'd get but we had about 20 participants, which seemed to be fairly good for a first EC event here in the area. This one was focused on discussing what ECs were, logging requirements, and the process for developing an EC including potential areas that might make for an acceptable EC. We did have a local geologist who is also a cacher attend. We didn't have a slide show, just did a big round table open discussion and the event was two hours. I did have handouts -- printouts of a couple of ECs in the area, and a page that I put together that was a cut and paste of GSA's information about the Masters program (which seemed to be of interest -- the "what's in it for me" and all that). I think that it was a good first event but folks definitely expressed a lot of frustration over trying to understand the various requirements related to placing an EC, and a whole new appreciation for how much effort a non-geologist does go through to understand all the requirements and necessary earth science lessons as well as how to put one together.
  9. This is a "how-to" additional question about the application itself. The VA form asks for you to identify the date that the cache is placed. Yet we cannot "place" the cache until we have the signed permission in hand. Which you can't get until you place the cache. And so on. So do I assume that others just have put the current date on the application so that it can go through the VA approval process?
  10. I have caches in Virginia State Parks, the rule would not apply to EarthCaches. All caches MUST be placed on/near established trails. The limit on cache placements is 2 years, then they must be moved to avoid cache saturation to the area. They can simply be moved a few feet, but you may have to re-apply. Keep in good contact with the land manager, and keep the caches maintained. VSP's are cache friendly, they even rent GPS units. PMO caches are highly frowned upon in State Parks, and most land managers will not allow them. Also the cache should relate in some way to the Park agenda. Your EarthCache sounds like a great idea, I suggest that you fill out the form on the DC&R website and contact the Park manager. Thanks for the reply! Are those ECs that you have in VSPs? If so, have you had to move one yet? Also, you mentioned 2 years -- but the VSP guidelines that go with the form say 3 years. I can't find anything that says that the limit is two years. Do you recall where you saw that it was 2 years?
  11. Just in case anyone has missed it, the Platinum pins have been back in the store for a bit, as well as the four EC geocoins!
  12. I'm looking around at a Virginia State Park as a location for an EC, and saw this in their guidelines: "A cache may remain at the permitted site for no more than three years. At that time the cache must be moved to a new location or removed." I found on the Virginia Dept. of Conservation & Recreation site a reference to one EC that is currently located at a Virginia State Park, and they refer to it as a Virtual (I'm sure it is that cache as they identify the park and it is the only cache there). And I notice that cache has just crossed its three year anniversary. So I'm wondering if the above does actually apply to ECs. Does anyone have any experience with Virginia Dept. of Conservation & Recreation related to ECs and know about this issue?
  13. Just heard from the CO and looks like he's re-added the other locations.
  14. Using this cache as a particular example is somewhat confusing. I have read its description a couple of times. To complete the earthcache you have to drive to different locations. It refers to "Site No. 2" and "each location" but I can't find any additional waypoints or description of the specific locations. So if this was local to me, I might ask for that to be clarified -- and perhaps that would put the photo requirement into another perspective and make it more relevant to the site itself. Yes, that is another and whole different issue. And I've been waiting for a reply to that exact issue myself. I was at the EC site this afternoon in between posts but honestly couldn't figure out what I was to do where or somewhere else (and wherever that might be). I've sent emails to the CO but haven't heard back yet, but it sure seems to me that the cache description is missing some critical information. I'd have to check again though but as I remember the bridge site (the one a mile away), you aren't allowed to go on the shoreline near its base, so am thinking that isn't it. And that's what started this whole thread to begin with...while waiting for that answer, trying to figure out if the bridge one is even allowed to be a logging requirement.
  15. Okay, I can accept whatever I can understand and then apply. I simply want to know what that is and how to apply it. Given that, can you shed light then on why this one is allowed to require a picture of a bridge that is not a part of the cache site, not a part of the earth science lesson, and is located a mile away? Your above doesn't seem to address that part of what was and has been my original question.
  16. I'm confused by this statement. The cache page references the Lesner Bridge which is only about 500 feet from the cache location and would definitely be in the background of a picture take at this location. Not if you're "doing" the tasks in the EC it won't. The tasks have you standing on the beach, which faces approximately 90 degrees away from the bridge. If you stand at this spot (which I have been to), you would be facing the First Landing State Park. If you turned your back away from the beach where you perform your task you will be facing a park and neighborhood. If you stand on the beach and instead face away to the South (or so) you can then end up with that bridge in the background for a picture taken of you, facing to the South. However, the primary point that I was making is that the bridge is NOT on the site (being approximately 1 mile away), and is not involved in the stated earth science lesson in any way. And in response to that Geoaware stated: "If a person is asking for a photograph with specific content NOT related to the Earth science lesson or the site ie a persons face, then that photograph must be optional." So according to that, the photo requirement of the bridge, either with or without a person or a GPS would have to be an ALR. But....Geoaware then next stated: "In this case, if you do not want to include yourself in the photograph for this cache, you do not have to. I.e. photo of the cachers is optional. Therefore it meets the guidelines." Which by any read of that statement contradicts the prior statement. The only way that the two statements, as they are currently offered, can be resolved is that any photo required is fine as long as you don't require the cacher to be in the photo because somehow that option then obviates the prohibition against photos of any specific content not related to the earth science lesson.
  17. Now hold on a moment, this isn't about singling out a cache. I asked a question, and even took out identifying information to be able to ask the question without singling out the cache. In reply you said, "Without seeing the full cache text...." and that's why I specified which cache it is. This isn't about complaining about a cache, this is about trying to understand the requirements. And if you go through the appeals process the answer will more likely be that it is or isn't okay, and lacking any explanation that would come through a discussion here. But to the point, I REALLY REALLY am not understanding how these guidelines are to be applied. You said: "Requests for specific content in the photograph (must include the visitor's face, for example) will be considered an additional logging requirement and must be optional" So how in any usage of the term "specific content" in the English language can asking for either a bridge or GPS not be requested "specific content" then? Neither are related to the earth science lesson at the EC. This really isn't about trying to start a fight, this is someone trying to say that the requirements and the subsequent explanations of them aren't making sense and clearly I'm not the only one saying that.
  18. Exactly my confusion as well.... #1 Photo of a person is a specific object....since the person came to the EC, it is unlikely that the person can be related to the earth science lesson there. #2 Photo of a GPS is a specific object....since the GPS came to the EC, and isn't used to participate in this lesson (which is about soil/sand sampling), it is unlikely that the GPS can be related to the earth science lesson there. #3 Photo of the bridge that happens to be nearby the EC, and isn't in any way a part of the earth science lesson (which takes place on a beach hundreds of feet away and in the opposite direction), is unlikely to be related to the earth science lesson there. So...if #1-3 are correct, then I truly don't understand why this wouldn't be an ALR. And like above, I'm then lost as to what the standards are or are not and have no clue what to put or not put into my own ECs.
  19. Here is the cache: http://coord.info/GC2GBXF The bridge in question is some distance from the listed caching location (not to be confused with the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel -- which is also mentioned and which is even further away) and doesn't seem to be related in any way to the Earth Science lesson. So that's why I'm confused about this as a requirement as it seems to ask for specific content not related to the listed lesson.
  20. Everytime I think that I've read the rules and the several posts here something comes along that makes me think that I don't. An EC just approved yesterday has the following REQUIREMENT for logging: "Upload a picture of yourself with your GPS (or just your GPS) with the [name of bridge omitted] behind you. If you're using your phone as a camera and GPS we'll settle for a picture of the bridge." Simple question -- is or is this not an ALR?
  21. Timeout error produced duplicate post.
  22. It was a good event for us -- wasn't sure how many folks would come but we had 21 attend, including a local geologist/cacher who spoke about potential cache locations here. Thanks GSA for the support & goodies provided!
  23. That is fantastic news Gary!!!! I can't wait to be able to place my order!
  24. Yes, was definitely referring to the ones that were previously sold on the GSA site. I do like and have several of the GS coins, but do still want the ones that match the EC Master levels. I don't know for sure how long since they were available, just know that I first checked on them several months ago and when I saw they were no longer available asked GSA about them then as was told that there were no immediate plans to have more made.
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