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  1. This is the compass page I see that leads to the NEXT intersection on the route to the cache.




    That answers my questions.


    Looking at the screen shot of your GPS's compass mode, mine matched completely except there was no red arrow showing the direction of the next intersection. Is there any option I need to turn on so the red arrow shows up in compass mode?


    Thanks a lot for the help.

  2. I've downloaded all of my geocaches that i would like to find in my area using easygps. They came up on the Geocache and waypoint finder but when i clicked 'Go To' in the geocache page it brings up the map and trys to navigate me to the geocache when it doesn't even show a road. Also when i go to the compass page, it does not change it to the geocache navigation page, hence i do not know which way to go to find the cache. I'm sorry if it's posted earlier, i read up to page 6 and my question was not answered. Thanks a lot <_<

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