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  1. To see how it works go to EMC of Northridge's blog and watch the video in the Conquering the Aliens post. http://emcofnorthridge.wordpress.com/
  2. They'd know before they got to the next stop ... 528 feet away.
  3. Minnesota State Parks is another one of the systems that actively encourages geocaching. They've even set up caches of their own to bring folks to all their parks ... with an prize for the first person to complete the list. So much more sensible than the states that are trying to keep cachers out of their own parks.
  4. GSAK is not, in this case, a solution. I have some non-tech-savvy caching friends who I like to take with me on cache runs. I don't need to filter out their finds, I need them to filter out mine. They often have trouble even getting the correct similar pocket query run and into their pda and gps units. Then they want to stop at every cache they haven't found in an area where I've cached more often. And, no, the solution is not new friends. The solution is the other-cachers filter in the pocket query. I'd have the greatest chance of success getting them to do that.
  5. I find the Feedback site to be, for the most part, useless. I've learned things here in the Forums while the Feedback site has too few replies per page and too few useful comments per topic.
  6. Ah, yes, I'd forgotten that little trick. Thanks. I wish the hamsters would get this fixed though.
  7. The Stat Bar is not updating. I tried refreshing the page and logging out and back in without success. Suggestions? Others with the same problem?
  8. A fine and useful idea. It should have the ability to include several names for when caching with a group of 4, for example.
  9. Having trouble uploading photos this evening. Is the photo site having problems?
  10. Stat bar did not update when logging this evening. I worked perfectly fine two days ago. Refreshing the profile page caused it to update, but we shouldn't have to do that ... it always updated just fine before, log by log. A fix appears to be needed.
  11. When we go to print a cache page with no logs, all the formating (line breaks, bold, etc) are missing. These things help with the readability. When will this be fixed. Thanks
  12. Yes, please move it down below the Additonal Hints.
  13. Your info says you live in Northern California. Keep track of your near misses and then come to Davis and log a find for GC1NY0V.
  14. You save them up and then find and log GC1E8DZ during your Central California Caching vacation.
  15. I'd just like folks to tell me, up front, how many stages there are so I can decide if I have the time to do it. If I have a half an hour, a 7 stage multi just wouldn't fill the bill that day, but I might be interested another day when I have more time. Quality maintenance is way important and the importance increases as the number of stops increases.
  16. Centered in Davis, California ... 470 Centered in Folsom, California (where my daughter lives, East of Sacramento) 1000 w/in 7.8 miles
  17. In GSAK, the macro you want is MapCounties.gsk as it will give you colored maps like itsnotaboutthenumbers. You can also choose your colors and choose your break points ... see my profile for an example ... and I like that even better than INATN. The real deals with INATN were the links to your finds for each county and the full USA with counties colored by find-count. The Macro folks haven't made one of those but I'm hoping it is in the offing.
  18. I often put a watch on a cache I've not found in hopes that someone will find it and leave a log that gives me another clue as to where it might be or demonstrates by their DNF that it might in fact be missing. Then my watch is for the owner to perform maintenance either by archiving or repair/replacing. Watching a cache isn't creepy it's another fun part of the game.
  19. Yet another reason to lament the loss of itsnotaboutthenumbers.
  20. Huh...somehow I missed the funny part. My fault. I thought you were being sarcastic. Instead you either memorize or make note of the name of the trackable when you log it in and use that note or memory to drop it in the next cache. I'm guessing that you don't hold them too long or have so many (I have 7 or 8 right now for the next run) that you need to have the number or name in any sort of long term memory. Since I don't log until the end of the day having the trackable lists below the logging box in alphabetical order by ID would help me. I only see the name of the trackable when I log it in and I don't make any note of it since it isn't on the trackable when I drop it ... the number is. It is usually several days between pick up and drop off so that the trackables get some miles. Maybe I should consider an iPhone. From the looks of your recent logs you're in and out with ease and don't just log as "TFTC" but give the owners something specific for their cache. I think they appreciate it. The more I think about it the more I'm liking the idea of "log on the fly." Thanks for the information.
  21. Not a challenge as I am interested in what you are attempting, but how would I correlate the travelers I placed in a cache with the ones in my inventory? Oh, I don't know, maybe you'd write the number down when you picked it up and then make note of that number when you dropped it off (so you'd remember where you dropped it) for logging later after the caching has ended for the day.
  22. I don't happen to use any of those, but thank you for the reply and the information. I'm one of those computer users stuck in the past and am pretty sure that if I changed all heck, on my computer, would break loose.
  23. When one is going to drop a trackable while logging a find we have a new way for them to be listed below the log dialog box. Currently, the trackables are listed alphabetically by the name of the travel bug (column 2). It would facilitate dropping or visiting if they were listed aphabetically by ID number (column 1). That is what we know when we have it with us out in the field and want to make a note of what we dropped where. The names are very interesting to the owners but not so much so for the folks moving them along.
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