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  1. I couldn't care less who the owner of a new listing is. The main reason I used to have immediate notifications enabled was to rush out to try to get an FTF. The owner of the cache, in that situation, is irrelevant.
  2. Thank you. We appreciate all the work done at the lilypad so that we can play.
  3. Glad to see that the problem of view cache find and placement lists has been fixed. Thank you.
  4. Thanks for the information. We appreciate all the work you folks do so we can play. It's just nice to know that we're being heard as well.
  5. Can we get someone from HQ to address the time-line for fixing this?
  6. Nice but doesn't help when looking up another cachers finds. Actually the ad for jeep works very nicely just change the www to jeep in the address and hit enter and there you go. It's sort of like having the major sports arenas sponsored by products ... think AT&T Park for the San Francisco Giants for example ... I guess.
  7. I am finding this problem on every link on any cacher's "Geocache Information for User: any cacher" Hope it gets fixed soon.
  8. Suddenly can't access. Are we down?
  9. Hmmm. I thought it strange that the list of caches, events and mega-events seemed short but just thought it was a coincidence. I didn't realize that it was a plan to keep us all less informed and that the really important thing is to reduce the mail volume. Please go back to listing all events and caches within 100 miles of our home coordinates. That would be useful. What you've got now is not useful.
  10. Thanks for the memory of my mother. It's been a long time since I've seen one of those.
  11. Suddenly some person or persons unknown is editing one of my waymarks. There is no link, that I can discern, where I could ask What's up with this?. This is the message I got: An edit suggestion(s) for your 'First Immigrant Cabin in Douglas County, Oregon' waymark has been reviewed with the following outcome: Old Name: This is a monument for the Rev. JA Cornwall and Family cabin. Suggested Change: This is a monument for the Rev. JA Cornwall and Family cabin. Result: Accepted Old Name: <p>This is a monument to the builders of the first immigrant cabin in Douglas County, Oregon in the ... Suggested Change: <p>This is a monument to the builders of the first immigrant cabin in Douglas County, Oregon in the ... Result: Accepted Web link to additional information" Variable: Accepted Reviewer's comments: updated URL's Visit the waymark: http://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WM1BF6_First_Immigrant_Cabin_in_Douglas_County_Oregon Happy Waymarking! The Groundspeak Team So I'm asking What's up with this?
  12. I carry a sack of spare logs.....I make various size logs using a spread sheet program....small ziplock bags can be purchased at craft shops like Michaels. I've added/replaced hundreds of log sheets around the country as have other cachers.....its a great help to cache owners and to the community to assist in maint. in this way.....always try to carry spare logs. If possible I simply add the new log to the cache.....if there is only room for one log I use the new one ( a soaked unreadable hunk of paper won't do the co any good) I always carry a Sharpie which will write on just about anything. +1 -- Carry replacement caches, too. Always handy when the cache is missing a lid or has been run over by a truck.
  13. When generating a new pocket query, under "Days to Generate," after selecting a day, you are to choose how the site should deal with running the PQ. For the two pocket queries I ran today, I selected "Uncheck the day of the week ..." Usually, this works correctly. Today, I had to return to the PQ page and uncheck the choice manually.
  14. Appears to be semi-normal now so I've removed my question. Lesson to learn: Wait a day or two before asking a question.
  15. Am I right in now assuming that I was the only one who had to wait 3 hours for a pocket query? And, if there were others, am I the only one who finds this to be a problem?
  16. Go to settings (the wrench icon) then open advanced settings and then "Clear browsing data". Leave only the cookies part ticked. This might have effects on other sites you are using! Thanks. Since my issue/irritation is the not staying logged in situation ... to be addressed at some future date. I'll leave well enough alone.
  17. Where do I go to delete a cookie? Vista Google Chrome
  18. I posted about this over on the Bug Report Page as well. I submitted one at 8:56 PM PDT and, as of 10:10 PM PDT it still has not run. This is not a good thing. Maybe we'll get lucky and someone who can fix this will need a pocket query and not be able to get it to run.
  19. It's been quite awhile since we had a problem with pocket queries running slowly, if at all. I noticed that someone mentioned it on the site update forum but I'm guessing this is where we really should mention it. Submitted pocket query at 8:56:18 PM PDT. It is now 9:21 PM PDT and it has not arrived. It is now 10:06 PM PDT and it still hasn't run. It is now 10:34 PM PDT and it still hasn't run. It finally ran at 11:49 PM PDT. Is this the result of a problem or was there just a slow-down in the system? I can only hope that it was a one-time glitch since I often run pocket queries for spur of the moment cache runs with an exit the house deadline of 15 minutes or so.
  20. two bison


    I'll bet we have to wait until they all return from vacation. Of course, if they go geocaching they'll now have to deal with the pocket queries aren't working right problem.
  21. The not-staying-logged-in problem continues. I'm guessing that we'll all have to wait patiently for the worker bees to return after their holiday break. I know that's what I'm going to do.
  22. I think you just need to wait -- sometimes the cache icons take a while to show up. I didn't have to wait when I was using them last night.
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