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  1. Is there, suddenly, a problem getting signed in?
  2. Where is the link, on the new bookmark list page, to create a new bookmark list?
  3. as with most changes on geocaching.com there is a work around ... mine will be don't use the new list page ... maybe, one day this issue will be addressed ... one can only hope ... I found no posts from headquarters folks indicating that they are looking at it
  4. That thread is locked ...
  5. Did not receive notification of GC6PHKB. Others did not as well. Do not know if anyone got it. Tips and Tricks is checked. I just recently checked it and I'd been getting notifications prior to that. Why would I want Tips and Tricks if all I want is notifications? T&T just sounds like extra email for no apparent reason.
  6. We are aware of the bug with the caches along a route form. The engineering team has already fixed the issue and it will be released ASAP. as it is "already fixed" ... what does "ASAP" mean is this Particular situation? ... since it still isn't working
  7. We wait patiently until someone from headquarters happens by here and lets us know when we might expect a fix. Meanwhile, that portion of trip planning is not available. Glad I don't have a trip planned for tomorrow.
  8. issues resolved ... thanks to the hamsters for their quick work ... much appreciated
  9. issues resolved ... thanks to the hamsters for their quick work ... much appreciated
  10. drop a line to contact@geocaching.com describing the problem and they'll take care of it and contact the poster and gently remind them that this is a family show.
  11. Using Chrome, I got a 500 - Server Error when trying to post a "needs archived" log. No problems posting finds however.
  12. I uploaded my find log field notes today from Geosphere. When ready to post logs I clicked on "compose log" as usual ... the field note appeared as usual and I edited it. Usually, after I click on "Submit Log Entry" the log is posted and a link appears to take me back to the list of unprocessed field notes ... that link is no longer there ... please put it back ... Thanks ... working in Chrome.
  13. write to contact@geocaching.com and give them a link to the log ... they're very quick to take care of it
  14. I logged 23 caches in about 20 minutes last night including a couple photo uploads without issues. The only problem I've seen so far is that the banner isn't gone.
  15. The last thing I want is someone changing the coordinates for my caches. Why should we assume that the "finder" has a better handle on getting quality coordinates than the person who places the cache? Sounds like an ideal way for folks to screw up puzzle caches. Just post the final coordinates then no one else would have to try to do the puzzle.
  16. Hmmmmmm just read about this change ... as one of the 3% who use UBB code to customize my logs ... I like color ... I'm sad to hear of this change with over 19,000 finds I was a little concerned that I might have to edit my logs and was just a little daunted by that prospect after following the link to view a sample of Markdown and entering one of my challenge cache report logs ... the result was a mishmash of code, code words and caches selected to qualify for the challenge ... in a word, it was a mess I just read the actual announcement and was happy to see that line breaks will be preserved ... since the rest is just window dressing I won't be editing my logs after all ... I'll go caching with the time saved I'm very sorry that there won't be color but I'll just have to learn to live with that. Cache on
  17. Donovan8070 Lester4009 Sellers4299 Darnell5075
  18. So far I've received 7 of these ... Hey! Check out http://[address removed] if you want to view all the premium caches in your area for FREE!! Can these be stopped/blocked/permanently deleted?
  19. Check out [redacted] if you want to view all the premium caches in your area for FREE!! ... got two of this already today ... two different names ... please get them blocked soon or the message center will fill up since we can't delete them
  20. Hmmmm ... when did the links to logs on the photos in the gallery of a user disappear? It was an interesting way to learn of new and interesting caches that others had visited.
  21. Clicked on the "View Larger Map" link on several cache pages and got: "500 - Server Error We're sorry, your request has resulted in an error. If you feel that the page you are looking for should be available, please let us know. Otherwise, you may browse the links below: Visit the Geocaching Home Page Create an Account Log in to Geocaching.com" Had no trouble using it this afternoon. ???
  22. Are you considering being able to delete messages? That is ... permanently delete. This would help keep/get a handle on number of messages one might accumulate.
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