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  1. When I go to my Leaderboard and scroll down I find an unidentified entry in the list ... see image/screen grab. The first time It happened, yesterday, I, foolishly, clicked on the entry and it took me to an identity that contained 2 Bomb icons ... I don't have a Friend with that name. I didn't think to make a screen grab of that and I won't be clicking on it this time. When I refreshed the page the unidentified entry had vanished. Has anyone else experienced this?
  2. I was trying out the new maps. I tried to search for caches in an area and to apply a filter so that I was not shown the caches I've already found. This is useful and easy to do in the old maps ... which work fine for me, by the way. I was not able to do this. The only place I could see to do this was by entering my caching name in the "Not Found By" box. I did that and the search still showed caches found by me.
  3. I was trying out the new maps. I tried to search for caches in an area and to apply a filter so that I was not shown the caches I've already found. This is useful and easy to do in the old maps ... which work fine for me, by the way. I was not able to do this. The only place I could see to do this was by entering my caching name in the "Not Found By" box. The search still showed caches found by me. Found that the Feedback is in Release Notes so I'll take my information there.
  4. Thanks --- And they want us to use the new, updated pages? Why? Much appreciated ...
  5. How do I create a new bookmark list if I'm on the "new Lists page"? I know I can opt out and use the old Bookmarks List page. I'd like to try to do it from the new page if possible.
  6. I would prefer that instead of correcting the coordinates it updates the personal note. I like to be able to see both the original and the corrected. Quite some time ago I tried correcting coordinates and as I recall the original coordinates were no longer in evidence. Certitude updates the Personal Note and also allows the CO to include a hint, there, for the solver. I prefer that.
  7. thanks ... I'll go read for awhile
  8. suddenly can't log into geocaching ... are things down? ... geocaching status says only "payments" are having an interruption of service I was in the midst of editing and submitting drafts when, after submitting one I was suddenly logged out and had to log in ... posted another find and the same thing happened ... now I get a "500 - Server error"
  9. catching up on the latest release notes ... Home Page ... why would I use this page with the exception of looking at events? Favorites near me? ... needs to be filtered to exclude my finds Newest caches? ... when I tried to order them by distance the filter for newest went away and just gave me a bunch of caches including those I've placed and those I've found ... again a filter needs to be in place View caches near you? ... already available as a list from the old dashboard ... not available from the new dashboard so that's yet another reason to avoid the new dashboard
  10. I understand that some people do not want to see their friend's logs in the Recent Logs feed, but why remove your friends? What I do not understand is that 1) we have repeatedly clarified that we are updating the Recent Logs to show only your logs (with the option of seeing your friends), and 2) you are not being forced to use the new page. The friends functionality on the website has historically provided very little value to the game, but we are hoping to change that. We are not looking to make Geocaching into the next social network, but we know that many people find geocaching more enjoyable when with 1 or more additional people. With that in mind we will be working to make it easier to connect with other people, plan and share experiences, and interact with the community (if you choose). Where do I find the option of seeing my friends so I can uncheck the box that says I wish to see them? Repeatedly clarifying that you're updating isn't the same as updating. You asked why folks are removing their friends. It is because they don't want to wait for some updating that might happen in the dim distant ... it appears to them ... future. Is there a date when this is scheduled to happen?
  11. I, too, hope it won't go away but I'm told iPhones have changed how they handle data and, according to Apple, when iOS 11 comes out Geosphere won't work.
  12. +1 either it goes or I unfriend all my friends ... why would I care if Sobershrek reported a cache needed maintenance since I have no idea where the cache might be and, if it needs maintenance, I'm not going to look at the listing anyway
  13. When uploading field notes one is forced to use the "new logging experience." There is no "date shown to the upper right of the text entry field." Previous to this, the date could be changed as the date was shown as Moun10Bike describes. Again, this problem only occurs, for me, for field notes with a time stamp later than 4:00 PM PDT.
  14. When logging from uploaded drafts it is necessary to use the "new logging experience." I uploaded my drafts using Geosphere. For all drafts written after 4:00 PM PDT on 5/16/2017, the date applied to the draft was 5/17/2017. That fact does not show on the "new logging experience" writing box but below the box was, in red, the notice "Please select a log date." There was no indication that the 17th had been selected and no link so that I could select a log date. I corrected the date by ignoring the "select" request and then going to the submitted log and correcting the date there. Please provide a link that would allow me to make the correction on the "n...l...e..." page or, better yet, fix the dating problem. Thanks
  15. I, too, want to add my voice to the chorus calling for less white space and one-line per entry in the Recently Viewed list. I recently viewed them so I don't need to know how far away they are, what size they are, the favorite points they have, et cetera.
  16. I've removed my logs from the dashboard of those in my friends list via the settings ... they can thank me later. Where is the setting so I can remove their logs from my dashboard? Or, is removing them from my friends list the only way to do that?
  17. Regarding the new logging process: I just learned today that the reason you folks at HQ think it is so nifty is that it makes posting a picture easier ... particularly, I gather, from Drafts. You made it easier by making it so that the photo doesn't have a caption or other information attached. Not useful to my way of thinking. I did learn that I could go to the log on the cache listing page and edit the image details. Why is it considered useful to make it a two-unrelated-steps process just because we use Field Notes? Once again, it does not feel like the folks at HQ making the changes are folks that actually use the site while geocaching. I'm sure you'll say you do go caching but it sure doesn't feel like it.
  18. the old ... read "useful" ... events list gave me a selection of events near me and in the near future ... not 4185 events between 8.8 and 11168 miles away and scheduled between 3/7/17 and 11/18/17 the old ... read "useful" ... list gave me new placements near me ... not 31,564 caches placed between 3/5/17 and 6/21/00 and centered, it would appear, on GCHQ I also noticed but didn't click on a link for Mega Events as they are included in the selection of events near me referenced above ... WUWT? Please go back to the old newsletter ... it worked just fine
  19. That discussion is about an issue unrelated to field notes. Since it only seems to be Geosphere that's still having issues with field notes, have you contacted the developers of that app about the issue? It seems likely that the root of the problem lies within that app, since all other apps seem to be working as expected, and they're all using the same API. The developer no longer seems interested in updating the app ... it's been wonderful but, sadly, it appears we'll need to find a new app to use.
  20. Thanks to Moun10Bike for monitoring the thread and giving us feedback. So often it feels like no one is monitoring things when there is a problem ... appreciate that that was not the case here today.
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