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  1. The profile page is the way that we, as cachers, present ourselves to the caching community. I, personally, would not want what appears to me to be begging as part of my profile. Given the choice, I wouldn't put it there and it is not the image I wish to portray about me as a cacher. If it was something that cachers could choose to opt into or out of ... fine but this was not the way it appeared.
  2. Can we opt to have this link removed from our individual Profile page? It adds nothing and is unseemly.
  3. Please remove the new "Extend ... Membership" link from everyone's profile page. It is rude and insulting.
  4. Fine now. Hmmmmm. Thanks.
  5. I can get the forum, I can get to the home page, I can get to my account, I cannot get a cache page or trackable page to open. Worked fine earlier today. Is it just me?
  6. two bison


    The slowness started late last night, at least here on the West Coast. It is interesting that the forums seem to be just fine.
  7. In fact, I had a window with zoom "ladder" and links to topo, etc open when it quit working in another window I was in and that older window still zooms. Now, that really is curious.
  8. My maps were working fine up until about 20 minutes ago. Now, they don't work. Using IE. The question is, how did I escape the problem for the last 24 hours? Curious. Waiting patiently.........
  9. Thanks. This is the type of reply we need. We just need to know that something, anything is happening. Hey, what happened here? This appeared twice. The first one froze at my end with some sort of timeout error and when I submitted it again without even editing it then it appeared twice. Hmmmmm.
  10. Thanks. This is the type of reply we need. We just need to know that something, anything is happening.
  11. Thanks. This is the type of reply we need. We just need to know that something, anything is happening.
  12. At ~1:30 p.m. Friday New PQ would not run. Edited old PQ and it ran.
  13. I too can't run pocket queries today. Then I find this topic where we all say "I can't run pocket queries." This sure is useful.
  14. Currently we can "turn off" the smileys for the found caches to declutter the map. I would want to be able to do that with the DNFs as well. Sometimes I file a DNF because I didn't find it and will never visit it again for one reason or another. I'd like those off the map as well.
  15. I have, for sometime now, experienced a failure-to-operate problem with the “GO” button on the “Look Up User” page. On all other pages I’ve used on this or any other website, when I enter information and hit the keyboard “Enter” key, the follow-up page is generated. When I enter a user name in “Look up user” and hit “Enter” nothing happens and I must use the mouse to click on the GO button. This is the only page, on the internet, where I experience this problem. What’s up with that?
  16. On this page, in the address line, I can type "Plainfield, IL" and the results are centered on 41.618033, -88.202479. I type 60544 (Plainfield's zip code) and it's centered at 41.616100, -88.219788 - less than a mile difference. Since I can type either a town name (anywhere in the world?) OR a zip code in the address field on the seek page, why would I even NEED a zip code field, let alone a link to the post office to know what the zip code is? Thanks. I had tried a town or two and they didn't work. Maybe it was something else. If the city names work then, of course, no zipcode link is needed.
  17. When trying to look up another player, I enter the name but have to move the cursor to the "Go" button instead of being able to just hit enter. It used to work fine. ???
  18. Since one must use zipcodes to search could you add back the link to the USPS that used to exist next to the zipcode box?
  19. Dang. You didn't compress the "List of Trackables Moved/Discovered" Otherwise, things look good.
  20. Yes, something like that is what I was thinking about. Thanks for considering it. I'll be watching for it to, perhaps, happen.
  21. I would like to suggest that the entries under the "List of Trackables moved/discovered" be consolidated into categories (files) like Travel bug dog tags Unite for Diabetes travel bugs USA Geocoins Jeep Travel Bugs State geocoins Special geocoins
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