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  1. This is my first time adding an image. My problem is that when I add the picture it makes the side of the page wider at the top on the right hand side. You're not able to see the normal green border all the way around. I've resized the picture to 640 x 427. My image editor says that's "web page display." Any ideas of what I'm doing wrong?
  2. Thank you! I see it now. It's the third line down. I just expected it to be the first and didn't look close enough.
  3. But I can't change the cache name. That's the problem. I don't want to use the names that I started with.
  4. I have a couple of cache listing pages that I started, then realized I didn't want to use those cache names. I didn't realize I wouldn't be able to change the names. Is there any way to delete those unpublished cache pages?
  5. Wow. I'd like to be there also. Maybe you could record it for us???
  6. Thank you. I'll try all of those.
  7. This sounds like a silly question, but when you want to find the coordinates for a specific place, how do you look it up? Say I have an address and I'd like to know the coordinates. Where would I go to look it up? I've tried Google Earth and haven't really been able to figure it out.
  8. Thank you Penny and Kona for the Hockey geocoin. How perfect! My husband loves hockey. We will pay if forward when we can. Thanks again!
  9. I would love to adopt a coin if it's not too late.
  10. How do you use field notes? I've never used them before, either in GeOrg or anywhere else. I know how to enter a field note, and how to find them, but then what do I do with them? Look at them on my phone and use that as my notes to manually enter into geocaching.com? I love GeOrg but I haven't been using all of the features, so this is my next step. Something that I read somewhere, sometime, (not necessarily about GeOrg) made me think that you could automatically upload field notes into geocahcing.com and I don't want to do that. Right now we take notes on paper, but it would be nice to have them right in my phone instead. I just wondered, how does everyone else do it?
  11. I couldn't find anything in the manual about entering coords. They only need it to get there by roads. Will only be looking for the easier caches.
  12. My parents just bought a new big screen Magellan Roadmate 1700 GPSr for traveling. Can they use it for geocaching? Can you load latitude and longitude? Or can I load geocaches, like custom POIs maybe? We have a TomTom and I'm able to load caches in that. Thanks for any help. Laura
  13. Ok. That sounds more like what I want to do. So, bear with me. What do you do with the info after that? Do you print out a map, or print out the directions? Or print out the list of waypoints and navigate to them in that order? Or send it to your GPSr and it navigates you from waypoint to waypoint?
  14. Hi IdaLabs I don't have your Vista HCx and my Legend C isn't handy right now. But the non-paperless Garmin units are quite similar across the line. None of my Garmins are able to display Destination coordinates, and I'm sure yours can't either. I'm curious why you need to see that. The last person I remember asking to see the current location coords and destination coords wanted to navigate to Ground Zero by following the raw numbers. Indicated it would be more interesting for them because it was a greater challenge. As far as your observations of your HCx's behavior, if you were to set your UNITS to a format other than HDDDMM.mmm you would see a difference between "Location (lat/lon) and also Location (selected)". Also if you change the number of Data Fields from 3 to 4 you won't even see either LOCATION as a selection choice. Just file that under mostly useless info that is not in the Manual. Well, actually, I would like to follow the raw numbers once I get close. Also, my husband is using a TomTom and is always asking me for the coords
  15. IdaLabs

    Sanyo Incognito

    My dad's thinking about getting an Incognito. Will he be able to use it for geocaching? I haven't really been able to find any info on it. Thanks for any help
  16. I'm hoping someone got an eTrex Vista HCx for Christmas and can help me on this.
  17. I'd like to pick the caches that I want to do for the day, then have a program plan my route. The quickest route from cache to cache. Is there a way to do that? Even if I have to print out a map (which I would actually like to be able to do).
  18. Oh, that's beautiful. Is that something that you're selling?
  19. Thanks, that gives me some help to start looking around. I think I'd like to find one with labrador retrievers or something to do with Michigan maybe. I can just see me starting to collect ELTADA mentioned brick/mortar stores. Is there a listing somewhere? I'd love to go to one of those!
  20. First of all, I hope I'm not posting in the wrong spot. We've been geocaching for a few months now. I just love finding geocoins, checking out where they've been, how far they've travelled, etc. I would really like to have one, just one for now, of my own to track, but I'm still not clear on a few things. I've tried the FAQs, so maybe someone here can help. To have one of my own with a tracking number, do I have to design and buy a whole batch? Are there pre-designed coins to purchase where I can purchase just one? If so, then do you also purchase a tracking number? Coins that are for trade or for sell in the forums are coins that have already been activated and therefore, wouldn't actually belong to me, right? If anyone can get me started, I'd appreciate the help. I'm sure I'll have more questions
  21. I would like to be able to see the location (lat. & long.) of my destination and also my current location (lat. & long.) at the same time, on the same compass page. Is that possible? Is it possible to see both at the same time on any page? The Change Data Fields option lists Location (lat/lon) and also Location (selected). They seem to be the same thing, which is my current location. Thanks for any help.
  22. When I log a geocoin, there is a line that says "Use ______ to reference this item". It's a different number than the number on the geocoin. Do all geocoins have two numbers? Can someone explain this? Where do I use that number to "reference the item"? I'm sure there's a post somewhere that explains, but I couldn't find it. Thanks
  23. So, are pathtags different? I've been told that you can collect them. Is that right? Do you log pathtags at geocaching.com?
  24. We're pretty new to geocaching (love it) but are getting a little frustrated. We're using a TomTom One and would like to by a handheld GPS to use, but my husband would also like to be able to use it for golf. Are there GPS devices that can do both? Is it just a matter of software to download? Thanks, Laura
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