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  1. My plans will also be different if it's in the school holidays or after the holidays, depending on where we'll go for the school hoildays.
  2. Hi, thanks for all the replies. Thanks to Glider and his group, I now have a lift from Gauteng. So it's: Transport - ticked Passport - ticked Sleeping bag - ticked Hiking boots - ticked Looking forward to see everyone there!
  3. Sounds like a great idea Damhuis, I love Cape Town. And it would be nice to drive down to see the country instead of using the Kulula wings for a change. With the advantage of doing some caching on the way. Are you planning it in the school holidays or after the schools started?
  4. The good news is that I can get a lift with I&J, from Vryheid. Seeing that Vryheid and Howick are both more or less 4 hour's drive from Randburg, I'll probably arrange to meet them in Howick. So my transport problem is sorted! Gerhard, what is planned for the Sunday, or is everyone getting up late after the "penalties" and then heading home slowly?
  5. Hi Damhuis, I also think something will come up, but I first wanted to check for alternatives before booking a flight. Unfortunately the corporate training plans have changed, so I'll have to pay for the flight myself. However, I still think it's worth it for a great event like this. Gerhard, since I'm sure that I'll get there somehow (there must still be some donkey carts going up there as well ), I would like to book a place to stay over at the top on Saturday evening the 14th Aug.
  6. Oops, I see I created 2 replies by accident.... I needed some forum posting lessons . And it looks like I'll be lucky enough that work will pay for my flight, since I'll be doing training in Durban.
  7. Hi, this is my first forum post so I hope I'm doing this the right way. I have done some research and considered alternative ways to make it to Sani top and back, since I just don't want to give up so easily on a great event like this. I'm also not a "getting up at 4 a.m." kind of person, so I considered the following option: 1. Fly to Durban on the 13th Aug 2. Drive from Durban to Himeville in a hired vehicle 3. Then I need a lift in one of the 4x4's to Sani top and back (unless I do that 8km walk/slide down ) 4. Stay over at Sani Top Chalet on the 14th Aug 5. Take the drive around to the other caches in one of the 4x4's on the 15th of Aug 6. Then I can either stay over in Himeville again or at Howick falls on the 15th of Aug 7. Drive to Durban and fly back from Durban on the 16th of Aug With this in mind, is there any of the 4x4 owners with 4 people in the car that would be able to give me a lift to the top and back please, and also for the drive around to some of the caches in the area. P.S. I know I'm one of the few females in the group, but females do have some advantages (e.g. think freshly bakes scones, muffins, etc...) Hehehe, no I'm not trying to bribe anyone here...
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