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  1. I'm thinking that a container designed to keep a liquid IN, would be equally as suitable to keep water OUT. ...pressure of depth notwithstanding.


    So, a screw-top container (jar, bottle, canister, etc) would be ideal.


    I too am planning an underwater cache, and I'm using a diver's box. Obviously this is designed to keep water OUT, under pressure. Maybe it's overkill, but it depends how deep you are putting the cache. Anything over 10 feet or so, and it'll be under enough pressure that an ordinary plastic screw-top canister might get compromised. If you put it just under the surface, it'll be out of site in murky water, or amongst reeds or rocks. (Of course it goes without saying - keep it safe.)


    I also like the idea of doubling up - one container inside another, to be sure.


    I think your idea is great! How many people would drive or walk past your lake every day, and not realise there's a cache there?

  2. Moving right along.....


    Whatever rules you apply to cemeteries should also be applied to war memorials, places of worship, battlegrounds, and scenes of national disaster. These are all sacred sites to somebody.


    IMHO, so long as you do nothing to offend those people using the site for its primary purpose, then by all means geocache, and learn something while you're there.

  3. You are really really disappointed that the one outstanding DNF is actually the closest cache to your home.


    Your well-practiced covertness is helping you at work with boss alerts when you want to be on GC.com but you should be crunching numbers in Excel or writing a report in Word.


    You wonder if you can use geocaching and its related skills in your CV.

  4. I agree - my "grrrrr" hints are ones that refer to movies and other pop culture.


    Well, maybe if you're caches are on the "Mad Max Trail", a few movie references are okay.


    Don't assume YOUR pop culture is MY pop culture, or I'll started making references to Gilbert and Sullivan, or The Beatles. (ooh, that gives me an idea)

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