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  1. Status looks to be for more than half year still the same. We will not get it as GS ignores us and is not even able to reply to this topic (I do not count replies about GPX schema as relevant ones, as this topic has nothing to do with GPX schema). 3 more months without any progress. Any news?
  2. I've used the PN20 for a couple of years and it works great for me. Go to the Delorme web site and check to see if it has the latest firmware update. The update made a great improvement. There is also lots of good information on their forums.
  3. If truth be known we all have days where we can't find the needle laying on a sidewalk let alone in the haystack. Welcome to the fun of caching.
  4. It only be "tacky" if you didn't wash your hands!
  5. Or take a friend. keep cashing!
  6. My 3 caches that require a significant hike, the hint is truly a spoiler. I realy don't want people hiking for 1, 4, or 12 hours, just to log a DNF. The one super spoiler I made sure to mention that fact in the description (http://coord.info/GC1NPJV). I had a few DNFs on that one, and was sad that people had made the hike, and were unable to bag the cache, so increased the spoiler-ness of the hint. My caches that are not so much of a hike, I have more vagg hints I agree,
  7. Slightly off topic but I need some help. I was reading this topic while looking for a way to check to see what DeLorme pages I have completed. Is there a map program available simular to the state county map?
  8. Quote from Sol seaker "I think rather than debating the specific details of each of the above cases, I'd like to see people discuss how this game impacts the environment and how we can pass on to other geocachers how to have minimal impact. This is the real issue here I was trying to bring up.' I believe we need to reevaluate what type and size of caches and where we place them. Was this sport started to tromp around looking for a micro or to locate an ammo can loaded with stuff? I'll admit when I'm caching alone I'll do some micros, but I prefer to find something a bit larger or a virtual cache. I would like to see the virtual cache brought back; very little if any environmental impact. We need to consider what the environmental impact will be of maybe hundreds of people looking for it. I'm sure we all have seen shrubs, rock walls, bushes, and trees that have been destroyed by over zealous geocachers.
  9. Try what I use http://www.itsnotaboutthenumbers.com/
  10. I'm a long time Magellan user and was all set to but a Triton until DeLorme advertised their special on the PN20. After reading all the product literature and forums I purchased one for my Christmas present. What really sold me on DeLorme was their attention to customer service and Chip's involvement on the forums.
  11. the cords are 41 12.031N and 076 39.542W, and I'm still trying to figure out how to upload a picture. The bench mark is a U.S. department of the Interior geological survey marker marking the height at 706 feet.
  12. While I was out setting up a new geocache I noticed a benchmark on a bridge. I stopped got out the camera a took a picture so i could record my find when I got home. Much to my surprise the bench mark doesn't exist. I did a search by the letters stamped into it and found nothing. I also searched by the cords and the nearest mark is 3 miles away. Has anyone run into this before? What should I do next? 54RJN is stamped on the top
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