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  1. It looks like GPXBrowser doesn't use a data connection, since you import GPX files from pocket queries. Seems like you could probably do that with a data cable or the card reader. The program hasn't been updated since 2007, though ... I was geocaching with a Windows Mobile phone (a Pharos Traveler 619) until I got my Garmin. I had no data plan and used BasicGPS for my files, since it supported LOC and GPX files (started out as a non-premium member, after all). I LOVE my Pharos phone. I got it for $199 at TigerDirect, and it is unlocked, so you can use it on T-Mobile or ATT in the US. Just pop in your sim card, tell it what network you're on, and you're done. Plus, it supports WiFi so if I'm home or at the office, I can get a data connection for a while to do updates, etc. The best thing about the Pharos phone is since it's an unlocked phone, I didn't have to extend my contract for it, or pay a huge amount. You could probably do something similar with the HTC Magic if you didn't have a data plan, but I don't know what Geocaching apps are available for it.
  2. I have one of these. I am such a huge fan of the original show (yeah, I'm a geek, sowhat?) that I had to get one. We got ours for $159. We do NOT keep KITT's voice turned on all the time, simply because William Daniels didn't record the text-to-speech, so while he'll read freeway numbers, etc, you get no street names. He does, however, greet me by name every time the unit is turned on. Which is, needless to say, quite awesome. It's a good GPS. It gets us where we need to go (over the road) and has never given us WRONG directions, except for telling me that my office was on the right side of the road, when it was on the left. Mio has not released a map update for it since I bought it last year, so I don't know how the first map update will work out. I have no real complaints about it. Too bad they didn't have William Daniels record the TTS entries ... EDIT: also, what's up with the cancellation of the new 'remake' of the show? I was just starting to get into it when they realized they were idiots and changed the format ... it was slowly becoming more like the format of the old show, and then it was canned.
  3. "Hey, what's that dude doing messing with that light post?" "Yo, what's with the Muggle and the whacked out car?"
  4. From the description of your cache ... I hope "collecting Travel Bugs" means "collecting entries for travel bugs I've seen/moved" ...
  5. It's been published ... then the OP disabled it. I got a text on my phone ... new cache! Yay! Pulled it up ... bummer.
  6. It's fine where it's at. Just make sure you rate it properly. Your question seems a little like asking "Is my long-hike cache too far off the trail for fat cachers (like tekkguy)?"
  7. Here's one I made ... thank my wife for the slogan, and Google for the ammo can ... FYI, I have a large 300DPI version of this if anyone wants it ...
  8. Oh, I'll probably do that at some point ... but I like the idea of having one close to home that I can really keep an eye on ... even if it is tiny. I did report it as SBA ... once it is, I'll post a new one.
  9. Nope, it's a no go on the email. "Unverified User" I'll mark it as archive and when it's gone I'll place a new one. It's on a pedestrian bridge, so there's only room for a nano, really (original cache was a hide-a-key which is probably why it's gone now ... I can't imagine a hide-a-key being very well hidden on a chain-link post). Thanks, everyone!
  10. I thought about just putting it back and watching over it, but it would be difficult, since notes about it, etc go to the old owner. I'll try emailing the old owner and see what happens ... if I don't get a response, I'll mark it SBA ... after all, the old owner hasn't been on in 3 years, so my email might not even work.
  11. Can you take over a dead cache? There was a cache very, very close to my house that is now gone. It was placed in 2004, and the owner has not logged in since 2006. I was going to flag it as needs archived, but I wouldn't mind taking over the cache if there's a way to do that. I could replace it and then maintain it, since it's so close (less than 1000 feet!). Would it be better to ask for it to be archived, and then start a new one? Or is there a way to keep this one from dying?
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