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  1. Beautiful coin, it's nice see these two wolves playing
  2. One of my AITF is Norwegian Ship 2008, ...if someone have one to sell or trade??
  3. Count me in for one -at least one- of these beautiful new versions, specially this one in blue!
  4. I've sent my wish list past 23 January, I'll send it again right now. Thanks for the update.
  5. Beautiful coins! BTW: Agree with keewee
  6. Me too, ...waiting for three TOL!, two from August + one from October
  7. Excellent back for the winter version!
  8. 1- Febr 14 2- Febr 7, 10:30am Thanks for the cointest!
  9. Well, I like put a coin in some of my own caches as a FTF prize, unactivated, so the cacher is free to do with it what likes best (sell, give, keep, activate, ...)
  10. I've received mine, it's awesome, a very special coin!
  11. Great coin!, at least one of them to continue my collection of your great designs for the Chinese Zodiac
  12. I'm happy to enjoy another of your designs ...I'll have it soon in hands
  13. Thanks for the update. Edited to add: You have given us great designs, great coins, ...Thank you!
  14. I've not received my coins, ...payed last summer
  15. Well, also ...the 12-12-12 will be the last multi-event, because 13-13-13 is not possible, so... how about a double coin for the 12-12-12 and 12-21-12, i.e. a coin with the two dates. In that way, will be possible to do the same order for the two events, if you like to do the two events.
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