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  1. I thought about this. What does everyone think? should I put a limit on the number? IMHO ...I agree, ...including Overseas.
  2. Really beautiful the Summer Sunser edition!
  3. In this second proposal I used two shades of color: blue and red. Gold finish. Ruby gem.
  4. Here I see the mandala as a rainbow, over black nickel, in pastel colors, soft. Diamond gem.
  5. Art Nouveau is one of the artistic movements that I love Very good idea, and very good design.
  6. It's fun, count me when overseas! Edited to add: I think we could play all together, if the packet crosses the ocean only twice, coming and returning, when finish in USA, and when finish the turn in the EU
  7. The good news is that they are still available. Please see post #54. I got it!
  8. The Winged Disc is finally ready to fly to their new owners I hope to send the invoice via PayPal in early next week. I don't earn a penny (VAT + customs tariff is high), but that's OK, keep the initial price of $9.00 per geocoin Shipping costs will only include the price of Post, which is based on weight. The bubble envelope is a gift The economic dispatch is an international standard letter. If someone prefers certified mail, let me know before Sunday or Monday, but it's expensive. See you later!
  9. I'm seeking the Meckenburg-Vorpommern Geocoin, any metal, to buy or trade. Thanks!
  10. I think there is one red, but I don't have it... edit: silly typo
  11. Ok, I will change my plan for July, I'll be waiting
  12. Nice! The only thing that comes to mind is that your vendor is able to get icons for a lower price from Groundspeak than is available to me. Well, it's more simple: Samples have the vendor icon, the version for the Club have his own icon, and for my versions is similar but another color. The result is fine! PS: I also paid $150,00 for my icon.
  13. In my case, the icon for the prototypes will be the same as for the other coins sharing the same name. It would be easy enough to give a unique coin its own icon, but Groundspeak would charge $150 and that is more than I want to spend. However, if a customer wanted an icon to go along with a unique coin, I would provide one, given that they paid for it. I said this because in my case, the samples have an icon, and the versions minted has his own icon. Edit to add: Really, ...my design has three icons!!
  14. I like this coin! Edit to add: That's for me! Purple - When you're frustrated that you haven't found the cache on the ground!
  15. By the way, the icon of the samples should be one in particular?
  16. Any of those options sounds good ... except this ... I don't like it could happend to me ...
  17. We are always interested in the unique and rare. One thing to check, make sure the tracking numbers are not duplicated in the final order! That could present a problem if released into the wild. Understood, I will keep my prototypes in the garage, and if there is any repeat ... do not let go ever!
  18. Thanks for your opinion, has been very enlightening, ... I'll save it them from the outside world, ...by the moment
  19. I have some doubts about the samples with track number. Which is normally done with the samples with track number?, exactly the same as any other geocoin? I have some unique versions -finally don't have been minted- all trackable, and I do not know what to do with them, whether to save or sell or trade or give.
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