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  1. Recently I buy geocoins, either in web shops, or websites for collectors, or collectors on eBay (inquire before), or here on the forum, and so far I have not had any problems. If you ever buy geocoins activated, the seller must be the owner to make an adoption request and transfer ownership to the buyer.
  2. Yes, Antique Copper with any other metal is well for me, may be w/Antique Silver ring. Edited: ...or perhaps w/Polished Copper ring!
  3. Activation code is: groomlake Thanks Ben!
  4. Where I can retrieve activation codes?, Geocaching doesn't work, it fails when trying to get codes
  5. If anyone is interested, I'm selling on eBay the few coins which I have left yet... to see if I can save for my next design Edited: And some few of the XLE version (15 minted), the rest are for trade.
  6. I received the UFOs, are really awesome, good quality ...it seems they can fly! Edited: What is the next design of Area 51 Series, ...When?
  7. Otters are fun and nice!, I've always liked, and want to have at least one of these coins
  8. PM sent! Hi Roger, I've sent you two PM, but no response from you I'm waiting for a solution, ...maybe change the wrong coins? No rush, but say something please. Thanks
  9. Solved, this morning I bought the coins that I like
  10. Then, what solution you propose? ...I'd also like have the coins with a fine finished, like all others.
  11. No, not the area of the photo you just put. Here the pics. Are minting error? TOL, Green ON Silver TOL, Green IN Gold
  12. First, thanks for these designs so precious. I've received yesterday the TOL, Green ON Silver (not Green IN Silver), I've apreciated in this coin a couple of errors color in two zones, much more darker, almost black instead green -I'll post a pic later-, It seems a minting error. Also yesterday, I've received another envelope with two TOL, Green IN Gold, that I could find on the webshop in February 12. I Assumed that minting error only was the exchange between color and metal (background and tree), as we can see it in photo (post #335). But in these two, the green color does not cover well the tree. I don't like the error in the Silver ON Green coin. Although error in Gold IN Green coins is confusing, because the two coins are different -the color does not cover equally the tree in both coins-, but I still like this error minting.
  13. Issue solved by Emma and Groundspeak, ...Thanks! We all can activate ours Winged Disc coins Edit silly typo
  14. I'm waiting for my invoice for the three rabbits that I've reserved. Anyone know anything?
  15. Congratulations to the winners, but... only 15 coins of each?, will be very difficult to get one, ... how, when, where? And yours, which are finally minted?, ...when will they be available?
  16. Interesting questions. Well, I support all the above by my colleagues and I add that everyone can do whatever they want with their geocoins either activate, sell, give, save, make travel ... etc, obviously. In my case, only active them if: 1) - I carry with me to events and meetings to teach and that other geocachers can do loggin. 2) - Are a gift to family and friends who are not geocachers, not yet ... 3) - If I let go to travel, with or without a defined purpose or mission. If not active, it can be for several reasons, mainly because: 1) - It is possible to make a trade with another collector some day. 2) - Are valuable pieces of my collection, where the value is rather because I particularly like the design or its origin or meaning, not its economic value, which is rarely high. 3) - If I release in a cache as a gift for a next cacher. At the moment this is what I do with my coins.
  17. Hi you all! It seems that has not yet been activated in Geocaching the name and icon for my first geocoin. Neither I nor Emma/Oakcoins we know the reason for this delay. Last thursday, I've activated one of my coins, and get the name "GC&P Club January 2011 - The Winged Disc Geocoin" and its icon, instead its own name "The Winged Disc Geocoin", and its own icon (another color than GC&P). I Hope will be resolved soon. Meanwhile, do not activate your coins, please. Sorry for the inconvenience. Greetings, Manuel
  18. Interesting representation. I like this color scheme with the antique silver finish, I guess there will be more combinations..., anyway I'd like have at least one of them. Edit: silly typo
  19. Opus Magnum, Mark! ...If Fulcanelli agree I also agree Added: I prefer the four last designs.
  20. I've sent just now PayPal invoices to those who made reservations, ...so if not received, let me know please. If you wanna change/rescind your reservation, feel free to do it, only let me know and will change or rescind your order. Thanks!
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