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  1. Well, after some small changes in the metals and other details, I decided to go into production, ...without samples, so I'll post pictures when coins in hands, which I guess will be in June I will make four very limited editions for Sometimes geocoin: Water, satin silver w/ blue trans Fire, antique copper w/ red " Earth, foggy gold w/ brown " Air, white nickel w/ green " And an AE, antique bronze w/ dark blue, to trade only. I've put only the artwork of Sometimes Water edition. If there are enough people who like these coins during the next week, I'll increase the order Edited: BTW, removed Compass because really is not a compass.
  2. I've discovered this thread just now ...I'd like have one Black Nickel - original back, and one Antique Silver - snow and glitter sky.
  3. Great idea! I have almost the entire discography of Bob Dylan since he started at the beginning of the sixties, ... so I'll be happy to have this geocoin, no doubt!
  4. Email sent! I can't wait to see those that I don't have
  5. You can retrieve the activation codes, and activate them when you like, if you like.
  6. ...Why not a link from antique coin to new coin?, ...If It's possible? Edit: or vice versa.
  7. I'm interested in one antique nickel and one satin silver.
  8. PM sent, about list of countries in the webshop.
  9. These are the versions that I'd like to do, but perhaps not all of them. Beneath the enamel are the symbols of each of the 4 elements, according to the alchemists. There are details that can not be seen now, as different gritty. Perhaps I'll include more symbols, although it can look too small, I have to check this. The front is the same as above, without significant changes. BTW, the phrase is mine, but doesn't matter because the meaning is from all, which is much more essential. I mean that the matter is a mere vehicle of the spirit that animates it, ...if any
  10. The Czech Glass is beautiful in hands! With many small bubbles, the glass seems like champagne
  11. Wow! We have all the fleet! I need at least two with copper. Bravo!! Edit: silly typo
  12. Beautiful design! I missed the two earlier versions (2006, 2008) because two years ago not even knew the geocoin existed , but at least I have now these two new versions Now I'll see if anyone has any of the previous FTF for sale or trade
  13. Roger, thanks a lot for your TOL trade
  14. I just got my first coin mystery! ...I knew it was coming but did not know what was coming ...and came The Wizard, who tells me many things Thanks so much again and again...
  15. I've designed geometric forms, inspired by decorative motifs of the XVI century architecture in Europe. The phrase: "Sometimes space and time disappear when we merge with the experience". Cardinal Points replace the hours 3, 6, 9, 12. I'm finishing the details of this coin. I'd like to do this type of source, ...if it's possible. The font size is enough to read the phrase? I would make this coin in 2-tones, but I'm finding with incompatibilities when choosing 2 metal, it seems that the antique copper can not be combined with any other, and black nickel, with very few metals. When resolved what to do with these technical limitations I will make three editions Edited: Trackable and own icon.
  16. The ones I like: 1(Gold+BN),4,6.
  17. ...Perhaps a year later is not too late to get one of these!
  18. I started collecting geocoins related with antique civilizations that attract me ... but I have gradually been expanding my horizon, so now I'm attracted by all I like, regardless of subject.
  19. I like those versions, are beautiful Email sent!
  20. From another point of view 11+11+11=33 33 vertebrae of the spine 33 steps or grades of some lodges ...
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