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  1. It's a good booty, ..I'll need some of these.
  2. I discovered this thread today, luckily just starting the day reservations. Very good idea when enameling is done after plating. Reservation made​​, thanks!
  3. Mine have arrived today, very nice. I hope the kittens are playing again
  4. Tentative date: 5/21 Delivery: 5/23, 12:00 am
  5. Thinking about cointest, ...if no one matches exactly, especially the delivery time , I guess the winners will be those that most closely ...?
  6. Very nice, I like specially the blue! Reservation placed
  7. I think maybe 27 May for tentative date, and 1 June for actual date. Edited: time for actual date around 11:20am
  8. Very good idea, I'd like buy a few of them.
  9. I'd like add to my squad the two versions with copper, and 1 three-tone.
  10. Probably these are the final color versions. I'm doing this design with a China company directly, without vendor, and I'll know what I'll do when see the samples, but everything is going well so far The color tones are very clear to that coin reflect much light.
  11. I'm glad you like it. They can be either electrons or planets, satellites ... analogy between the macro and microcosm, ... as above so below ... the laws of nature. We can see a geocoin as part of the evolutive process. Grows, develops...
  12. Your interpretation is very good! I wish coins for entire world
  13. I'm making a list of those who want a coin. I'll probably have pictures of the samples in mid-May
  14. Beautiful!, ...I'll need at least one.
  15. I'm planning to do this coin, funny and meaningful, that inspired me the world of geocoins, world that grows and develops like a living being, as a universe around us. Maybe I will make two versions, one in Shiny Copper and one in Shiny Nickel, in pastel color, and the worlds/coins in various sizes and color. Opinions are welcome.
  16. I like, and I think that is fully integrated into the series
  17. If the design is very good, the workmanship is excellent! In short: awesome geocoin Edit: I love specially Darkest Before Dawn.
  18. Mmmmm..., I think we can focus all a bit more, thanks!
  19. Woowww!!, really look awesome, ...specially the ...both look awesome! I can't wait to have them in hands
  20. Well, after some small changes in the metals and other details, I decided to go into production, ...without samples, so I'll post pictures when coins in hands, which I guess will be in June I will make four very limited editions for Sometimes geocoin: Water, satin silver w/ blue trans Fire, antique copper w/ red " Earth, foggy gold w/ brown " Air, white nickel w/ green " And an AE, antique bronze w/ dark blue, to trade only. I've put only the artwork of Sometimes Water edition. If there are enough people who like these coins during the next week, I'll increase the order Edited: BTW, removed Compass because really is not a compass.
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