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  1. Although the back changes substantially, I believe that this coin does not lose the strength that is based on the front. In my opinion, would be better than the phrase "track at ..." was in smaller letters, as in the previous design. Great coin anyway NB: Might be okay if the back side is similar to the front side, the hair.
  2. Congrats to all who have received this coin. Very recently I met the world of mystery coins, and this is one of my favorite. Tempus Fugit...
  3. I've received just now the coins, are simply wonderful, I like specially the satin gold version. Thanks! I like also very much this second coin in the series, looking forward to have them in hands...
  4. Got mine in black!, nice Ankh I've received just now the GC&PC version, ...really awesome!, an essential coin in my collection If someone has 1 in nickel... email me please
  5. Got mine! BTW, if someone has 1 purple...
  6. Today I received my coins!, ...from the antique silver version I specially like the snowing field and the sky shining, and the fireplace from the black nickel version. Great coin, thanks!
  7. June or July ... I'll be in the right place, I think!
  8. Received!, really look fine in hands, thanks
  9. I've received, along with my booty from Japan, the Mr.Gray coin -BTW, a pirate fellow- ...and searching I found this thread, so I say thank you Mr.Gray for your precious coin Really, more than believe ...I have never doubted
  10. When will the other two versions?, ... to see if I get at least one blue!
  11. I have a doubt, ...as you say that you know recently the world of geocoins -and to find out for sure- I guess you know that "Limited Edition" (LE or XLE)geocoin mean that will never be minted in the same combination of colors and metals
  12. Today I received photos of the samples, but are so poorly made ​​that I'd rather not put them here I've also decided to change the colors that are darker now, to highlight the small balls and the bare metal. Best wait for coins to take pictures myself, I guess by mid-June
  13. I received the doubloons, ...are all them really beautiful! It's very nice to see together all these combinations of colors and metals. I am very happy for trading with fellow pirate crew It is a magnificent treasure thanks to an excellent captain, and I hope we can soon make another trip This booty has a special place in my collection. NB: I have also received a mystery coin, ...no words to thank for this unexpected gift, so special and meaningful... another gem for my collection
  14. Email sent ...My first mathtrade!
  15. Wait.. how do you move them to the event after activating them? Mine is activated.. but I didn't move it to the event on it's page.. Visit the event page, and write a note to place your cow
  16. Nice buns!, ...perhaps too much red?
  17. You could get this done with just an epoxy fill. It would be stunning. Yeah!, ...I'd like one of these, look fine. I like also the antique gold/red, ...and black nickel/blue (seems green).
  18. Last week I found one of these "hotels" where it says "take one and leave one. " Some coins were not in the list, others were not in the cache. That is, a disaster. Rescued half of which contained, I signed the logbook, and wrote that the GCs, TBs, and other trackable, are not objects of exchange. It seems that some people don't even know the most basic rules of geocaching. Should have released all the coins, leaving empty the prison. Edited: I think that should not be allowed these "hotels. "
  19. Wow!, ...for a few days ago I ate two of these ... I have not seen the track ...I've eaten too! good choco BTW Thanks Claudia
  20. They look great I'm also releasing the four cows that I have in Spain, whose mission is to get to Sonoma in April 2012 ... is difficult but not impossible!
  21. I like so, much better with closed eyes, sweeter, ...the expression of his eyes was a bit harsh.
  22. You can also find the latest designs through this forum, and join the reservations, great prices, when available
  23. They look fine! PayPal received, thanks. Edited ...Congratulations to winners
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