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  1. Please, can somebody confirm me if really exist this version, I mean if it was minted, or the one of pic is just a sample?
  2. I'm looking this one: Mystery Heart, Shiny Gold with Green
  3. Interesting coin, ...email sent!
  4. It looks real!, don't know if after watching this coin will be the same out hunting for caches... hunt or be hunted
  5. Beautiful coins all of them, it seems the only Blue Poppy (Himalayan poppy) has been mine
  6. Perhaps that coin is a sample?, ...a pic would be helpful.
  7. As in a solid gold UFO? No. Thought it could not be, must be the light, or color reflections in some pictures I've seen.
  8. There is one version in shiny/polished gold?
  9. My first geocoin released -TB3733X- was dropped in one of my own caches in Spain -GC25XR5- April 2, 2010. Now may be missing somewhere in Germany during this summer, waiting for news about it
  10. The object identified as TB4EEC6 goes to his base in Illinois
  11. Yeah, I too like the back v2, probably I'll choose make this face in 2d, ie the bones inside the circle. Also because it is cheaper On the other hand, as far as I know, the Templar cross (cross pattée) is an evolution of the cross inscribed in the circle (sun cross) ... as they themselves have their roots in the first custodians (the first seekers). Really, all crosses have a common origin Strange?, yes of course, are not from here May be they continue caching, across the Universe and also here, with all of us... Thanks for all your comments, are very useful to me!
  12. Send me your address please.
  13. I'd like know your opinion about this coin. This is not a cointest -by the moment- but a probe, because not yet I've decided what version to do, perhaps you can help, so ...which of the three versions you like more?, if any.
  14. Some news about the last pre-sale, past July?
  15. Coin in production. Early November I hope to have a few coins of each version to sell or trade. I will also have a ninth version, which can be called AE
  16. I'll put this coin TB4EEC6 rhumb towards GC34APZ this weekend I hope to fulfill its mission
  17. I should have a few available for trade if anyone is interested shoot me an email with a trader list. Thanks for the trade, will direct the rhumb of my pirates!
  18. Received, I like this pottery geocoin
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