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  1. Somebody has one Going Coastal Pirate to trade or sell? PM or via profile please. My traders list is in my signature
  2. Were you there? I'm sure you were there. Although maybe not. Two cachers were hosting an event at the same time as mine about 70 miles away. they came to my event!! They said they hadn't missed one of mine so they came and then left to go to theirs. There was an interim host at theirs Yeah!, I was there and all gone very well at my first event, all people happy I do can't be in two places at once, ...but It's possible!
  3. email sent! Thanks for this new mathtrade
  4. Just for the catalogue of my collection, I'd like know the minting numbers if it's possible please.
  5. Hi Hosts! In the event, people asked me if there will be a Souvenir. I also would like a Souvenir for attendees at the Multi Events, if possible! What do you think about it? BTW, must a Host to do the Attended in his own event?
  6. At my event came more people than expected, fortunately the place was a great terrace, oceanfront, with fine weather and full moon. The coins were sold out in a few minutes, I only have three to sell or trade with yours. Then we strolled through the dunes to the beach to get some caches that were hidden for the event, was very funny Everything went very well, all attendees happy, ...and now I'm thinking about the 12-12-12
  7. Thanks for letting me know, I can now be calm
  8. Thanks for your clarification, I missed something...
  9. Two coins for the same multi event, one of NOSNOW, and another of Doctor A & Avroair I'd like know all data to decide what coin I can choose, ...in case that I can make this event, which I know very soon
  10. I like so much the Dawning Hope Series, ...I try to get one of each version PS: Except the xxle
  11. Awesome, I'll need at least one for my collection!
  12. I'm in, Email sent! Two participants: manu luq Joined: 3 Nov Name Received: Card Sent: Card Received: Poti (adult girl) Joined: 3 Nov Name Received: Card Sent: Card Received:
  13. It's hard to pick just one of those indispensable coins to my collection, ...Congrats!
  14. manu luq

    Pet Peeve

    I agree. There is a tape used by painters, who comes off without leaving any trace. I usually use this tape, or nothing.
  15. Wooow!, How quickly has traveled this package! It was fun to open it and see all those items and coins. The mill has not resisted the trip, I will fix it and keep as a memento of this funny mission, Thanks!. We traded some other items and a couple of coins (...and pathtags!), and of course a typical rooster from Portugal, which are also trackable I'll try send the package next Wednesday to Estonia! Just put pics of what I received, so the next in the mission may have its surprise. Thanks EyeD10T for this mission and to all of you
  16. ...And yet it moves! What a surprise when the package arrives ...I will post pics!
  17. Count me in for 12-12-12, and perhaps for 29 Feb ...but possibly is too close for me.
  18. We did some new samples some time ago; Silver and the original colors, antique gold, antique copper and dying black with white. If there is interest we might release some new Birkas. Sure!, count me in for one of each please.
  19. Well, I like the black and the white glaze. Email sent to reserve 1 black glaze. What price will be?
  20. I've purchased right now 1 Triple Dragon (2-Tone) and 1 Double-Dragon (2-Tone) in your web store. Please confirm if all is Ok. Thanks.
  21. I have only 50 coins for my event (half reserved already), so probably the next day after the event will notify here about how many coins I'll have for trading or sell with all of you, Hosts interested. Anyway, as you know by the spreadsheet, Oakcoins has 25 pieces of the 'Costa Brava' version. Edited: I'd like have other versions.
  22. Ok, so I'll keep looking, thanks for your help, I just need this version to complete the set
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