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  1. My snowman God jul geocoin got to Buck or Less - The End? in Helena! took some time but it got there!
  2. 192 finds and 12 dnfs have a nice trip
  3. so many to choose from and only one vote... hard but i voted.
  4. can i have 38 and 55 close to end now... thank you
  5. guess 1 is 79 guess 2 is 131 really nice coin and thanks for the cointest.
  6. 3,18,37,46,51. i like monopoly and any game to play with the kids.
  7. you are painting a new coin design. because you have nothing ?
  8. 199 makes me runner up... congratulations to Ricktroop13 and thanks for the cointest.
  9. another cointest entered and one more i didnt win.... thanks anyway for the contest and congratulations to the winner!
  10. Sorry to say Canada will win womens hockey Finland will beat Sweden in mens hockey and finally Sweden will win in the sledgehockey. Thanks for the coinpetition. looking forward for the olymics..
  11. guess a number seems easy.... 195 is that good?
  12. when i was a kid we had a chest at our gandfathers old house. i used to lock my little sister in it. this is looking almost like it when she was looking out to see if i still was around... thanks for the cointest
  13. congatulations! my guess is 19 1/4 inches 7 lbs 2 oz?
  14. i am entering with this: TB3AA8Z will mail the coin to sdkonkle to start its journey to Montana from Canada.
  15. if you have anymore i would be glad to adopt one...
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