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  1. I have just one question" Can I post a picture of Me not finding the cache?
  2. I made My decision based on the problem post in this forum I counted the problem post for both Garmin vs the problem post for Magellan.
  3. I hardly ever take anything but 99% of the time I leave a cheep race car. I get a few boxes of them at the dollar every few weeks. Is this ok ? Or is what I am doing gonna implode the universe?
  4. I found that if I keep on walking until I am within 20 t0 25 feet the unit starts bouncing and just plain goes nuts and then I find I want past the cache by 100 to 150 feet. Now what I do is stop at 100 feet and stay still and do not turn just leave the unit pointed straight ahead for a minute and then walk half the distance and stop again. And as the day goes on I replace the batteries with a fresh recharged ones. This seems to help but is not a cure all.
  5. In places all over Europe and SouthEast Asia they still find ammo cans in the ground from WW II and the ammo in them is still in good ready to fire condition. And sadly they also find mines and unexploded bombs in the same way Hundreds die each year from a war that's been over for 60 years,
  6. The VOR in my post has a hiking trail that goes by it at the most 75 feet and sits within 200 feet of a soccer field. And as far as a security risk or a danger if disabled they are Navigation AIDS Note the AID part. The airport does not relay solely on any one aid for navigation there are many other devices used in conjunction with all the others ' If one goes down the rest keep on working independently. So this would be low level on a security risk. Check this link out Now this could be a risk but the Government does not think so. http://www4.passur.com/bos.html it shows flights in almost real time . But that does not mean that the local police don't see it as such so be careful and use Your common sense.
  7. BENCH MARKS on the map page! We are cachers too! If You post it do We not Log? Ok so I already am a premium member but I still want to see benchmarks on the map page. You show those virtual ghost thingies.
  8. Snowmobiling! I like to put my tracks to a map and see were I have been. *let it Snow* BenchMark Hunting. And just plain hiking.
  9. I discovered by accident last July see my post http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...&log=y&decrypt= And I have not stopped since.
  10. I became a premium member because a bunch of locale Biker Cachers surrounded me at a decoy cache in a dark alley. They threatened to give me a severe Indian sun burn and a wedggie up to My ears if I did not pay up! *lol* just kidding for those who believe everything they read.
  11. I beg to differ but yes You can get the Meridian in color.
  12. At that point You should have started digging wildly yelling MoM MoM !
  13. My Gold came with one , My Brother in laws came with one . So they do make them . Try contacing Magellan at there website.
  14. I have the Gold and and love it. My Brother in law has the Platinum and I want one just because I love the compass. I know two people with color they like them but both say its hard to see in bright light.
  15. RIMFIRES! Yes the Sako is a fine weapon and lots of us have taken squirrels with The Ruger I have two myself. But what are You gonna do if one of them decides to Charge? Huh then what? You need no less then a 30-30 or a 30-06 I use a Remington 700 BDL and always carry my Ruger GP101 .357 as back up. Those suckers have mean teeth and can leap 20 feet in a single bound I have seen one run down a black bear and chew it to bits and let me tell You it wasn't a pretty site to see. Sometimes they travel in packs! the leader is surrounded by others called RM's that stands for Really Mean' and they will go for the jugular. So please be careful with those small caliber fire arms.
  16. Worked fine for Me. Try copying the link location and pasteing to the open url box in windows media player.
  17. This I found just the other night. I liked the way it came out without a flash. This is in Nashua N.H. The monument at anight and the disk and its broke in half. MY0449 MY0449
  18. I notice that there are three types of membership. 1. Member 2. Premium Member 3. Charter Member What is a charter member member and how is it attained? thanks.
  19. Thanks thats much better then I got in the stores.
  20. I have a Meridian Gold and no one in the stores can seem to answer my question. I would like to upgrade to a 64 MB SD Memory Card but my question is do I have to use Magellan's ? or can I use another brand? Thanks for any Help
  21. Can you use any brand or does it have tp be Megellans ?
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