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  1. I have just recently started to work on the ones around my home and I have to say

    some of them make me feel like I am as smart as a slice of baloney.

    Just on were to start can be a real brain smasher.

  2. Also, we connect directly to fiber. If you don't know fiber it is like having a water pipe the size of Manhattan for moving traffic.

    Sounds like a great place for a Multi Micro. :o

  3. There are quite a few caches in Pawtuckaway State Park in Raymond N.H.

    Pawtuckaway is one of the best top roping spots in New England .

    You could combine searching and climbing. There are walls all over the place with

    routes for all abilities and bomber anchor trees. The Devil's Den has 100' walls for

    small multi pitches and there are house size boulders in the that can keep You busy all


    But as to Your question no none require that You climb but a few are at the top of

    walls so You could.

    There is a Rock Guide Book out for Pawtuckaway.

    Hope this Helps.


    Big Alien Green Thing by NoRain


    Devil's Den by Plotthound2


    Northern Exposure by NoRain

  4. Hm. I'm in a blessedly golfball-free zone. Only found two -- one near, but not in, a cache, and the other a travel bug.


    Perhaps you could move to New England? :huh:

    Then maybe You should check this one out in Peterborough, NH.

    It must have had at least 100 golfballs in it.

    see My post on October 24, 2004Contoocook Cash

  5. I was not gone say anything but this has been bothering Me for a while now.


    I received an e-mail from the owner of a cache I logged and this person

    told me that I was cheap and had no clue about the spirit of Geocaching.

    And that leaving the same worthless toy car all the time is plain tasteless.


    I am not gone to mention the cache or who because that is irrelevant and

    i do not need to start anything there. But this was a regular cache with no take - leave


    Now 95% of the time I take nothing and leave a race car and if I do take some thing I

    leave something else or a few of these offending cars.


    Now my question is this wrong ? I cannot afford to leave Rolex's and besides the toy

    cars fit just great in my pockets. I just don't want to PO others because of my


  6. Travel bugs are not trade items so there is no need to trade for them. If you find a TB in a cache that you can help along, go right ahead and take it.


    *edited typo

    I agree but may I add that You are obligated to place it in another cache or follow any

    instructions that may be attributed to that bug.

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