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  1. I think individual units have a lot to do with it. I had a Meridian Gold when I first started out and it worked fine for a while but then it could not keep a lock even if it was glued to the side of a satellite. But I know people with the same unit that were much older than mine and they are still running strong. I now have a GpsMap 60 CX and so far so Great I receive and maintain a strong lock every were under all conditions.
  2. Nick Vinnie, Rocko and I had a job uptown and while we were digging the hole. "NO wait I found a cache by accident and all ready had a gpsr for snowmobiling and since then I have only used it for snowmobiling once. Oh the part about Nick and Vinnie well just forget about that.
  3. Is it just me or is Mapquest maps back on the cache pages?
  4. I believe it means that it is picking up a WAAS bird.
  5. Shooting caches out of cannons is not cool!
  6. Letterbox maybe? I have found quite few in the field while caching.
  7. I fear that Dunkin' Donuts will run out of coffee and that they start putting healthy stuff in Slim Jim's.
  8. Why use the fake stuff when the Real kind is cheap and readily available?
  9. Much Ado About Nothing I found it to be a fun break from the usal cache.
  10. Chargoggagoggmanchauggauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg Drat! Katydid & Miles Stone beat me to it .
  11. Now closing this topic so it can fade away. Thanks for the help.
  12. Thank You raine I was having cable modem problems all week and was not able to do much about this problem and it was Great when I was finally able to get back on line and the cache_test_dummies informed me that everything was ok. Who says things don't get done around here? Thanks again
  13. It does it in Netscape and IE I logged out and cleared cookies then did a full reboot and logged in on both and the same thing happened. I have had this name since I started a year and a half ago and this just started today. Its got me going but I think it may be with Groundspeaks search code or something ' they have been fiddling with it lately.
  14. Don't know yet I e-mailed him but it still shows his . its kinder funny with the names and all. But You see my finds though that is strange. even my hides show his hides but the bench do not show.
  15. When I check out my profile and click on Geocaches to see all the caches I have found it shows the caches for someone called Waldo in the UK. I am Waldo's Revenge from the US. anyone know what's up with that? Not fun playing Where's Waldo for real.
  16. One dumb question. Are both the cx and csx color?
  17. Kitten Cache! Wow what a great idea! Take one leave one I can just read the logs now ( Easy find just listen for the pathetic meow of a dozen felines crammed in a box. Took siamese and left an American Wirehair and some kitty litter.) now that would be fun. But it would have to be MOC cause all the non premium people would only leave junk yard strays.
  18. I believe the RULE is that YOU must take the cache owner and the next 20 finders out for a prime rib dinner. I found a cache and the tupperware was in bad shape so I decided i was going to take it back to the car fix it up and put it back but i turned brain dead and just drove off with it. I stopped at a Dunkin's and while I was sitting in the drive thru i looked over and there it was on the seat got my coffee and then had a 12 mile drive back.
  19. Lets just say that I am so old I fart dust.
  20. Slim Jim's Don't leave home with out them. As time goes on and the find count rises You will figure out whats right for you to carry and then You will forget to bring half of it most of the time anyway.
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