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  1. Gotcha! Hmmmm, might have to seriously consider that cache now! Gabwp
  2. Okay, I understand now. It's Thursday. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. So, just for fun, let's say we wanted to do a Christmas ornament cache, set it up now, work it all thru the holidays and maybe change the theme after Christmas? Gabwp
  3. I'm not sure what that means? Out three months? Before what? Remember, newbie here. Gabwp
  4. I'm sure I could figure it out. I'm not an English teacher, but I would think that an English teacher would assist you, instead of belittling you. After all, teachers are supposed to teach. PM me if you want. I will help you with your posts and cache pages. Gabwp
  5. Geo-boy, If you do decide to do this cache, contact me. I will assist you in the writing up of the cache page. Gabwp
  6. Huh. That an interesting idea. So, almost like a leap frog cache? Gabwp
  7. Rdut&Gabwp


    Take I can see Lincoln, This was a Virtual that would show my kids something of importance. It is now relagated to a waymark and equal to a McDonalds down the street. I hope this doesn't last and virts, webcams, and earthcaches make a quick come back with a truly better way to handle them. I am disappointed that this was the big solution for them. That's our virtual! So cool that you used our virtual as an example. We also had the Who Am I virtual, but they decided to archive it on me. Gabwp
  8. Okay, that might explain why I couldn't see my house! LOL. I wanted to zoom in so close to see what we were watching on TV!
  9. On Earth Google, the free version, you can't zoom in real tight to see houses, etc. In the Plus version, the one you pay for, can you zoom in to see houses, etc??? Gabwp
  10. Great thanks! Now I can start designing! Bhahahahahahahahhaahah (evil laugh)
  11. So, yes you can, but if more than 25 units (coins, cards, etc), then you have to get permission. Right? It's early and the brain is not processing legalese. Gabwp
  12. So, what's the rule? Are we allowed to use the Geocaching logo on our sig items? Is the logo trademarked or patented? Just want to make sure not to do a fo pa when making our sig item. Gabwp
  13. WOW! Earth Google rocks! I found the park, I found the location of our campsite. I found my old hometown. I found my inlaws area! It's just a shame it doesn't let you zoom in tighter. Oh, and I set up a pocket query using the co-ords from Earth Google. I love this hobby! So many new and neat toys to play with! Gabwp
  14. Thanks guys! I'll play with this more when I get home tonight. Gabwp
  15. Thanks Mini cacher, that's what I've been doing. I was just wanting to see if there was another way. Didn't even think about using Mapsource to check it out! Thanks.
  16. Shawnee State Park is in Ohio. Zipcode 45663. As for the pocket query, doesn't that only work if you have a PDA? And how would I get the cooridates of the park?
  17. Rdut and I are going to Shawnee State Park in October. I have found the zip code for the park, but obviously, the zip code is also for the area around the park. My question is: Is there a way to pinpoint the area that you want to find caches? I would love to be able to search on "Shawnee State Park" and get all the caches that are listed for that area. Gabwp
  18. Oh, that would make sense. I'm assuming that there is a icon for pet friendly caches now? I would take my two monsters on a easy one first anyway, just to see how they react to it. The girl had knee surgery almost 3 years ago, so no majorly hard ones for her.
  19. What a cutie! No problems with the furkids hurting their feet?
  20. Wow! Didn't think about that with the retractibles. Okay, no retractibles for my two evil furkids. I might look at getting longer leashes though. 6' seems kind of short when hiking/bushwhacking with these two monsters. I'm glad you found your dog. That had to have been a horrible time until she found you. Gabwp
  21. How many of you take your furkids (dogs) caching with you? What do you do in advance for this activity? How do they do with the caching? We have two corgis that I would like to take caching with us, but I don't know if they will need any special equipment. They are both UTD on shots, flea and heartworm prevention. They are both in decent shape. I would pack a doggie first aid kit for them and water. And, of course, they would be on leashes. Which, brings up another question. What type of leash do you folks use? I have the standard 6' leash, and then 2 retractible leashes for them. Gabwp
  22. Is there an Ohio group that covers the Dayton area? I don't see a southwest group listed at the beginning of this topic. TIA Gabwp
  23. wow! I like the Gecko! I also like the passport and the points. hmmmm, what will ours be?? We are both trapshooters, so maybe something in that thought process!
  24. Rdut 20 years retired Air Force Gabwp 4 years active Air Force, 3 years reserves Both disabled vets.
  25. I would think so. Chances are the person in the wheelchair has someone with them that can reach over and pick up the cache, if they can not lean over to do it. Gabwp
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