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  1. This discussion is already taking place on page one in this thread. I'm normally not someone who markwells someone to the previous ten times we discussed a topic in here, but I do think one thread a week should be enough? My bad. So sorry to do a forum mistake. Just getting back into geocaching and trying to get info. I'll just read every post from now on. Thanks for the info about carrying on. I'll do that. Looking forward to Philly!
  2. I would gather carry it on, but I don't want any issues with it being on the plane.
  3. Hi all, Getting ready to go TDY to Philadelphia and I want to Geocache some. Question: How much of a hassle is TSA with GPSs on planes? I'm planning on removing the batteries and packing it in my checked luggage, but just curious if anyone has recently traveled with a GPS and what to avoid/look for. Thanks!
  4. Duh! I told you it's Friday. I forgot that I even asked for a "Dear John" letter. God, where is the weekend! Thanks for the response.
  5. Ummm, it's Friday and my brain doesn't process anything other than direct answers. So, was I supposed to get an email about my virtual going to waypoint? Grrr. Waymarking?
  6. Are owners of virtuals supposed to be getting the "Dear John", letters? Because if we are, I haven't received anything about moving my virtual.
  7. THERE'S A CORGI ON THE FRONT PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. another good thing about Pembroke corgis, no tails to get briars in!
  9. We are going to find out next weekend if Corgis are good caching dogs. They are good herders. Maybe they will herd all the caches in a corner for us!
  10. We have a very nice virtual cache in DC. Check in out. Called "I Can See Lincoln".
  11. Norstar. I agree. Digs, I'm not sure about. From being on digs, it can get hairy when people just "appear" to watch. Puts the defenses up. When I said Archaeology sites, I was thinking more like Serpent Mound or Mound City in Ohio. Cahokia in Illinois, Chaco Canyon in the Southwest, sites like that. I agree it is a broad category, just a thought. I love to see the ruins of ancient peoples.
  12. To a geocache? LOL. That would have to be a difficulty level of at least a 4! Vine swinging to a cache located in the side of a mountain. Ouch.
  13. LOL. I just read this on WHIOTV.com. The woman is a student at WSU (Wright State University). I was wondering if she was geocaching!
  14. What do you think? I know I would love it, but then I'm biased. (Archaeologist here and proud of it!) Gabwp
  15. Just got my V7 yesterday. Haven't had a chance to play with it yet though!
  16. Maybe glue on the end of a tool? Hold it to the broken, stuck end and wait for it to dry. Then remove slowly. A good glue.
  17. Archaeologists also use flagging tape to mark areas they have already tested. Geez, too early. Usually when Archaeologists mark a site, it's by tying flagging tape to branches, and sticking the branch in the ground. Or sometimes we use the pre made flags that are on thin metal stakes. I've never seen the use of cable and flags in the field. Sorry about that. Haven't had enough coffee yet.
  18. Ummmm, I can't log into my account! Is the site down?
  19. With the way that the world is now, do you really think that it is wise to have military installations as waymarks? Not sure the guards would understand someone standing, or sitting in a car, outside the gates and playing with a GPS. Could get ugly. Just a thought. I know on the base I work, that the military would be asking lots of questions. Gabwp
  20. Is there an Ohio group that covers the Dayton area? I don't see a southwest group listed at the beginning of this topic. TIA Gabwp
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