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  1. I like eveyone's responces on here. I have been on the rec. end of a not-so-nice email "nudge" when life got in the way for three and a half weeks once.


    Sometimes stuff happens. We like to keep our TB friends moving as fast as possible, but you can't go out to catch a cache every day.

  2. Is there a formal definition somewhere of a night cache? I get the gist of it but I've never heard of one before.


    I don't know that there is a formal definition. I'm sure somebody will correct me if I'm wrong.


    A night geocache is typically one in which the product called firetacs are used to locate the cache. These tacks look like tree bark in the day, but in the night, when a flash light is shown on them, they light up like little orange lightning bugs. The typically mark the way to the cache.

  3. Micros can be nasty, but I've noticed that you will find that good and responsible users let you know.


    A good example is GC1ZMT5 which is located inside a storm drain that has seen some "interesting" activity in the past. The storm drain is actually a pitch black tunnel that you walk into and the container is a about the size of a cut off section of drinking straw. So not only is is somewhat dangerous, but also insanely hard to find.


    Yet it is an absolute blast and takes you to an interesting place. Like everyone above has said, if you don't think the cache is worth the time, move on. Some people have a more adventurous spirit.


    We've even climbed to the tops of trees to get caches...extending over rivers. Yet some of our favorites are nice and easy lock-n-locks.


    To each their own.

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