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  1. Have now set up with a new GPS, so my pda is now up for sale. HP iPAW hx2100 series, also a Royaltek GPS receiver. £50 the lot Any one interesed let me know via my profile.
  2. CONGRATULATIONS John + Carol for hitting 1000
  3. Congratulations to currykev on reaching 100. Well done Mike.
  4. Congratulations Steve, great achievement, all the best. Colin & Marg.
  5. Got mine this morning, there great, thanks a million.
  6. Received Invoice and payment sent via paypal.
  7. Sent my order in, hope you receive it. Thanks.
  8. Happy New Year everyone, have a great 2006, Darrach.
  9. Hi, Check out the cool cache containers. On Geocaching Topics. Pictures-cool cache containers.
  10. An assortment of swaps, always a good addition to any well stocked rucksack.
  11. Count us in Colin 11th December Margaret 02nd August
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