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  1. Being a 20 year old student, I drive... the cheapest thing I could find! In the next few years I might be driving a Pontiac Aztek. I think I'm the only one who's even liked that vehicle, but as a result they're really cheap!
  2. I visited a cache I've already visited today, logged my new visit, and my cache number reflected that visit as a new cache I've found. I realize this isn't something that probably happens often, but should I just not log visits to caches I've already been to?
  3. Thanks for the advice. I'll see if I can get my parents to subsidize the CN maps since I'm giving them my old GPS
  4. Both would be great actually (with turn by turn). I have an awfully old StreetPilot that my parents could use more than me.
  5. Hey all, I just bought a Garmin 60Cx and plan to do some Geocaching with it, something I've never done before! Sorry I can't search for the keyword 'maps' since it's <5 characters. I've seen all sorts of things, people saying Garmin maps aren't detailed enoughs, people generating their own maps from certain websites, Wanderlust, MetroGold, it's all pretty confusing! Price isn't a huge issue here, I'm just looking for the most detailed maps for geocaching (in the Northeast US). Thanks a lot!
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