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  1. "-buy a serial-to-USB cable so my ancient GPSr will talk to my slightly less obsolete computer, and then get a Premium Membership?" Maybe buy the cable, nix the premium membership, (sorry frog) and load caches one at a time?
  2. This is where I should say how much I love a challenge...Got-r-done though. "Ashley Street Blues" Now I'm thinking about dressing up some old caches, may be back.
  3. OK...Looks like a job for Robin. I haven't got a clue what HTML is or does. I'll post results. Thank you!
  4. I feel the money was well spent. The camera is always ready and we use it more frequently. Whenever we pass a trail map it only takes a second to snap a pic in case we need it later, also the camera is waterproof- I've taken pictures of the trail when I wouldn't dare pull the other camera out of the pack. Your pictures are also tagged with the coordinates of where it was taken, very handy for placing caches and Waymarking. I'm happy I spent the $. Bob.
  5. How would one go about posting the link? I can't find a means on the cache page to do that? Thanks.
  6. Hello folks, I'm submitting a cache focusing on blues history in my area and would really like to include a link to a you tube video. I would love to have the link open automatically as background music but that might be asking too much. The title of the song on the video and the cache name are the same, it would sure fit well on the cache page if I can make it happen. Any suggestions about how to do this? Thanks.
  7. Talk about tough luck and bad timing! From what I gather the cacher found 'em fair and square, isn't there some way he can log them? Maybe pull a few moderator strings? No one will notice...hardly anyone comes down here....
  8. Just ran update and no issues here either. All stored info intact. 550T. Thanks!
  9. If you buy online be sure to check out the vendors return policy. I recently returned a unit I wasn't happy with, the vendor gave me 30 days to decide if I wanted to keep it w/100% credit/refund and prepaid shipping label for the return postage. Tough to beat that.
  10. We took a quick trip to the area not long ago (before we had paperless) and tried without luck to find a few in the waterfront/historic district. One cache in particular, "Echo Chamber" # GC3502 is on the top of the to do list for the next trip. For some reason this one fascinate me, and to think we were right there but without the cache/logging info. Aside from that we did enjoy the visit, especially the architecture and history. Hope you have a great time!
  11. I'm glad you asked about this. I have a 550T and have no problems with the screen at all, many times I can even read the screen in the sun without my glasses. I have no idea what everyone is whining about! I came very close to passing this model up because of all the negative comments about screen readability in the sunlight and now I am really happy I didn't. Maybe Garmin did some improvements, maybe this is a case of folks talking about something they heard second/third hand, I don't know.....I will say in my opinion the screen is every bit as readable in the direct sun as any other touch screen I have seen. Much better than the Endura series. I'm finding the camera very handy, it's always right there when you want it and it's waterproof too. One note though, if you're a hunter/fisherman you need to remember that whenever you send someone a picture you are also sending them the location of where it was taken. It's one thing to brag about a great days fishing, another thing completely to tell everyone your spot! I would advise you to buy from someone with a good return policy and check it out for yourself, I found the folks here very helpful.
  12. I no longer have the Endura or use for these maps. These are micro SD cards. Turn by turn...$75.00 Advanced southeast...$50.00
  13. I have a few issues with my Out & Back but this is not one of them. I have yet to fail to find a cache because my O & B stopped navigating when it reached ground zero. Once I reach that point a GPS becomes of little use and I began using geo-intuition to locate the hiding place. If I go too far from GZ the unit will start to navigate again and guide me back. I'm reminded of a saying about poor carpenters and their tools but I digress... The man bought a gps that doesn't do what the seller promised, so we mock HIM? I returned my Endura for issues unrelated to this but I can see the OP's point. Occasionally if I'm having trouble at GZ I'll set the unit down while I hunt and after a few minutes very often the compass has pointed me in a different direction...the correct one.
  14. Another thumbs up for the Oregon. I've had mine for a week now and am very pleased with it. No problems/ bugs that I have found. We have done two wherigos, and look forward to more. There are also Wherigo cartridges you can download and play anywhere. I bought the 550T. I know the maps are available for free but I'm not a very tech savvy person and didn't want to mess with the download and transfer. Couldn't be happier with the maps. I'm also finding the camera feature to come in handy, one big advantage is that it's a WATERPROOF camera and it's always right there. The pictures are also tagged with the coordinates (lat/long) and stored as waypoints. Here's a picture. The coordinates should be available in properties. Another trail pic a little less soggy.
  15. Look into the Enduras, my Safari has everything you mentioned. You will need to purchase the USA & Canada map w/ turn by turn navigation but if you shop around you can get the unit and data card for around $320.
  16. I use the electronic compass all the time. I started with a lowrance I Finder and recently upgraded to an Endura Safari. I learned to cache with one and just can't imagine not having it. Robin on the other hand keeps the compass in her PN40 turned off and prefers to hunt without it. Honestly I can't say one outperforms the other. On a couple of occasions while caching in an area with lots of bounce I have set the unit down while I poked around and returned to find the unit (with compass enabled) pointing to the cache. Back to your question, as far as caching is concerned the compass is an option. Just another bell/whistle on a tool that will get you to a limited search area, your skills/geo-senses get you to the cache.
  17. Yes twice now on my Safari, once after downloading caches and yesterday as I was bringing the unit out of standby mode. So far more of a nuisance than anything else. After pulling a battery and re booting all is well. I was out doing some maintenance yesterday and manually entered some waypoints - very impressed with that function, EZPZ. I'm liking this unit a lot. Edit: Happened to me again today. Bringing it out of standby.
  18. Can you give us a little more info? How are you trying to load? Pocket query? Which model Lowrance?
  19. Had a similar experience with my Safari last weekend. Loaded a PQ (500), unplugged the usb cable and the "connected to computer" screen switched to the start up screen (tree picture) as it usually does and nothing more happened. Usually a message comes up at this point and lets me know the unit is sorting or configuring the data but nothing came up. After 10 minutes or so I pulled the batteries, powered up without issues and the PQ data was there. Took it caching and had no trouble, seems to perform as usual. Strange. There was no data card in the unit, and after holding the menu key to pull up update info the display is: V1.2.81468 1.3, 1.1, 1.21
  20. I haven't had any troubles loading PQ's. Download them, unzip them then send to Safari with usb connection. There is a way to load individual caches but I haven't tried that. This may help, a few posts into the thread loading caches one at a time is discussed
  21. I've had my Safari since Friday and am very happy with it. I think the only thing negative I've found so far is the base map. I've loaded satellite imagery and am looking at other map sources. Thank you Endura Expert. I had no idea I could lock the touch screen until I read jjmcwill's thread a few minutes ago. Now I'm thinking what else don't I know? Can you set a proximity alarm for geocaches? When recording an voice note for a waypoint the playback is low volume and seems like I should be talking closer to the mic. Where is the microphone located? Little things like these, c'mon Endura owners.....stuff not in the manual that you have picked up on. Thanks!
  22. We did some caches last night and had a great time! Nice to be geo-cachers and have an excuse to wander around in the woods at night!
  23. I've been contemplating upgrading from my I finder Expedition C for months now, finally going paperless! No more bugging Robin for cache info and hints! I found a good deal at The GPS Store- $274 includes UPS second day air. Thanks Endura Expert for the info and link I'll post progress through the learning curve.
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