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  1. I have tried the nine-pocket pages, but the coins seem to heavy for them. I like the idea of a velcro closure. I might try that. I would like to know where to purchase the 12-pocket pages... they seem more coin-friendly.


    As for taking them to events, I tried something at the last event I went to. It was the first time I took my whole collection and I was loath for people to handle the coins. So, I put together a MS Word list of the coins, with the names and tracking numbers, then made copies to take to the event. This way, those who actually came over and spent time looking over the coins could take a page if they were interested in discovering the coins. It seemed to be a big hit. It might seem costly, but better that then to lose a coin.


    RedwoodRed (blacklisted coin trader)


    -=: My Trade List :=-


    I also use the 9 pocket pages and the 6mm craft foam, put in double three ring zippered binders. In addition I put the tracking # and icon on a sticker on the foam for when I bring the binders to events, this way people are less inclined to remove the coins from the pockets.

  2. This lady had me worried for her...until I saw she is placing an order for 2 sets of the D3 coin yesterday????


    You know what I too was concerned !! , Thats a very interesting observation Roddy here I am passing on coins I can not buy due to finances !!


    Perhaps ebay is a better place to get the coin ;)




    Wow... yes, I did put myself down for two sets of the D3 coins...

    But, as has been posted on another thread in the Geocoin forums, I am guilty of being one of those impulsive people that say "I'll take one of those!" the minute someone announces a new coin. I apologize for that. This whole geocoin-thing has been hard for me to adjust to.


    My family and I just moved cross-country from Northern California to Maine, to live with family, because our finances were stretched so thin that we had to decide between fuel to get to work and groceries to feed the kids.

    Since arriving in Maine, we are living in approx. 400 sq. ft. of space for 4 people, two adults, two kids, on the third floor of 276 year old home Revolutionary War fort. The roof leaks, and the shower ceiling has such a dramatic slope that the adults have to stoop to shower. It could be worse. We have caught up on the Jeep payments and now we don't have to worry about that being repoed. We are still working on my car, though. In theory, we should be totally caught up and able to move into our own space within eight months.


    So, yeah, I shouldn't be buying Geocoins. I'm trying to resist, really I am. And I may not purchase those two set of D3 coins... though I lust after them.


    I do appreciate those who offered help with the coin. And I posted my last request on the trading list on the 10th. It shouldn't be hard to find. I've made a few trades from this post, though not for the coin I wanted. Thank you everyone, and glenn, take care and good wishes for you. If you have considered moving, Maine has tons of jobs, especially for skilled trades. My other half is a welder and he's making double here what he did in California, WITH benefits which he didn't get at all before.



  3. Well, I guess I didn't make myself clear...

    I've BEEN on the trade page, posted links to my geocoins for trade, including this coin in the WANTED section, with no response.


    Funds are a little limited around here, and with Christmas coming it might be a financial issue if I went and spent $100+ on a membership for coins that, most of the time, I'm not even interested in. I like this coin (Masters of Cache) and I've purchased on other from this club.


    I'd be perfectly happy to trade something on my list for this one coin. Unfortunately, no one has of yet come forward to offer a trade. I've bid on more than ten of these coins on eBay, with no success.


    I love this coin, but the other half/sig-other/master of the purse strings has passed down an edict that my crazy spending on coins is at an end. This is my last purchase for a long time. *sigh*

    I don't want nor care to go nuts with your membership password. I was also curious if it was just one password handed down to everyone, or everyone got individual passwords.


    Sorry, didn't mean to offend anyone, and yes, I may have been attempting to circumvent the process... put me on your ignore list if I have pissed you off... :laughing:

  4. I know that I might possibly get totally smacked-down for even asking this, but I can't resist...

    There is one geocoin trading 'club' that allows it's paid members to purchase quantities of exclusive coins... anyone can SEE the coin, but a password is required to purchase it.


    I'm not into being a member, I only want the one coin.

    Is there anyone out there who IS a member who would be interested in trading a coin for the password? Is there anyone who would just consider my poor pitiful (and I would like to emphasize the 'poor' part) and just GIVE me the password? I would be forever in their debt, either way.


    Please don't ostrasize me because I'm resourceful...


    Edited to add trading list link :: LINK ::

  5. Cool! Today I got my Big Cats series of coins! Woo-Hoo! they are gorgeous.


    Last Saturday I FINALLY got my Quigley Jones sets... I was getting antsy.


    I purchased a Finland coin from a geocacher on eBay. He still hasn't sent it, it's been over a month since I paid for it, and he doesn't return emails or phone calls... I hate to set eBay on another cacher, but this is stupid.


    Also received my Tracking Time coin, two Cache a Falling Star coins (will there be anymore in this series?) and some coins from Oakcoins that I ordered. I love how fast and efficient they are. When/if I put together our coin, they get the job!


    Wondering my MY Astrolabe coins haven't arrived... *sigh*

  6. Personally, I think that if a person has Geocached from one end of the state of California to the other (North to South or visa versa), it should count as more than one state... Like maybe three?


    My map is on my profile... when we moved from California to Maine we hit fifteen states, and did Texas this summer, too. Fun topic...

  7. I love puzzle caches... the tougher the better. I don't and can't solve every one, but the ones that peak my interest I'll put extra effort into.

    I also have a problem with the ones that stretch the number issue, i.e. take the number off of the sign, add this many numbers and divide by whatever... that indicates a lack of forethought and planning, and gives me the impression of slap-dash, "I'm throwing out a cache before anyone else has a chance to use this spot for one!"

    In my opinion (for whatever that is worth), ANY cache that is slapped together cheapens this sport/game/hobby for the rest of us. Even if it is an ammo can, that kind of cache is still SPAM...

  8. I like the trackable option, both as a TB/Coin owner and a trackable whore (Hello, my name is Red and I'm a...).


    As others have stated, it is better to discover them than to drop one or two in exchange for five TBs or coins that you MIGHT be able to help on their way, and I think it is great for events when there are 100+ trackables and not everyone can take one/some.


    As an owner I like it when others discover my trackables.


    Except in this one case... and I don't know what to do about it. I received a log entry on a missing TB the other day, from someone in France... why? Because they could read the number of the TB from a photo taken by someone who had actually moved it. The bug's been missing for months, and I know it has never been to France. Should I delete the log? Should I delete the photo? Should I post the link so everyone here can discover it? I don't think so, but I'm sure it will happen.


    I'm just wondering how much free time this idiot had... perusing all of the TBs for photos with the tracking numbers so he/she could discover it? I'd have been pleased had it been found, but it is still MIA. *sigh*


    My Geocoin Trade List

  9. My favs so far:

    My newly-paid-for, and wildly-anticipated Tracking Time and Prime Meridian coins (from Team Macha);

    First To Find (with the eyes);

    Dresslers Dragons;

    all of my Crake coins;

    and the wildly HUGE Initial Point coins - OMG!


    I tend to look for great art, lots of detail and color - maybe I'm a magpie?

    I usually don't like shapes other than the conventional round, unless they are very well done.

    Significance to our caching experiences is nice, too. We own a bright yellow Jeep Wrangler, so coins with one of those are almost mandatory;

    Also, I like geographically-significant coins, or ones specific to Geocaching's origins. I'm an old softy, I guess.

    That is why I like the Prime Meridian, compass rose coins, Earth, World and State coins.


    And though having the trackable icons are something I jones for, two of my favorite coins are my Champoeg and PDXMarathonMan coins. The former is just an incredible coin (and was designed by a friend!), and the latter because of its size, weight, color, but mostly the detail. Very cool.


    Oh, and I'd really like a Sock Puppet coin, since I was one of the original sock puppets in these forums! :laughing:


    My Trade List

  10. I noticed that the post she wrote for her most recent find in ITALY (wow!) stated that she'd been ill... damaged a wing I think... and was late posting the find and subsequent coin drop. Hey, who ever wins the auction for the #1 coin, if you already own one, drop it in another cache (preferably in SW Maine?)!

  11. Any GCers in Northern California or Southern Oregon should try this one: GC62E5


    You can see our photos there. But hey, we did it in a '03 Ford Expedition - 2WD... I'm just good. We never did go back and try again once we got the Jeep, but we got back into the neighborhood and had a blast with two other Jeeps.


    Now that we're in Maine I hope we find plenty of Jeep trails...

  12. This doesn't worry me, but then I've been aware of what compiling software can do for over ten years. The very nature of the Internet/World Wide Web is easy access to information, no matter what that might be. Good or bad. How else did people like Anna Nicole Smith and Paris Hilton become so famous? Yep, thanks to the 'net.

    And now, whenever someone googles Ms. Smith and Ms. Hilton, my user name will pop up... how cool is that? :D


    What did kind of disturb me, though, was when Googling my Team name, that there are Geocaches named after us that we have gotten no credit for, nor were we asked permission to use our team name, which is copyrighted. :P


    I suppose I wouldn't be so upset if they weren't using an image of a cartoon character that I can not stand... Yuck! And yes, that series of caches came about LONG after we became Geocachers and began using the Team name (since October 2001), and we've cached in that area, so it isn't like we are unknown... I mean, all they had to do was Google the term, right? :)

  13. I have the following available for trade. I don't have a list ready of the coins I have, but it is small compared to most of you. If you would like any of the following, email me through the Geocaching website. I will consider all trades. Thanks.


    California 2005 (2) (1)

    California 2006 (The California Experience) The one NOT by the Dillon Gang (1)

    Oklahoma Route 66 (2)

    Breaking down the Wall (2)


    Email Sent

  14. Over the last week:

    2x First to Find GCC

    Gone Bushwacking (thanks Team 57 Chevy!)


    Fallen Heroes 9/11

    3x 2006 California Experience (1 of each finish)

    4x Initial Point (1 of each finish) - OMG!


    These last ARE manhole covers! Very impressive. I thought the mailman was gonna faint...


    Still waiting on my 2006 Finland, Feb 06 Yellow Jeep, 4 Quigley Jones ...

  15. Coins arrived today. I will start to sort them this weekend and will send them out starting on the 23rd after the event. ;)


    Edit: removed the bad picture. The mint didn't stopped doing brass coins so at the 11th hour I had to substitute gold for the brass. I will be sorting them and see what is still available.


    Please put me down for two of each, if you have that many. If not, one of each will be fine. I've already emailed with my request, and asked if you could send me a PayPal bill for the total. Let me know, PLEASE?


    (waiting with baited breath)

  16. "Dear GeoCoin Fairy;

    I've been an awesome girl this year. I have lost over two hundred pounds in 18 months, sold everything I owned and packed my family off from Northern California to SW Maine to start a new life on the Right Coast. If you could see it in your heart to come to Southern Maine and leave one of your beautiful Geocoins for me, that would make it all worthwhile! I promise I will leave something worthy in trade for it.

    Your Devoted Follower,

    RedwoodRed of The GeoGadgets Team"

  17. Adding this again:


    I recently received a trade request from someone who wanted one each of my FTF and Supercacher coins. They had two coins to trade that I want, and then some...

    But I lost the email!


    If the person who send the request would please resend?


    I'm also still looking for the following:


    Tracking Time

    Prime Meridian

    and a few others...


    You can see my Coin list HERE.

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