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  1. I also get the blank box on the map page. Over above the filter box it has a link for me to up grade to Premium, but I am already a Premium member. I am not for sure if those two are related. Thanks for all that ya'll do on these great websites. Same for me. In Chrome everything seems to work fine, but in IE, the map is just blank and there is an upgrade link above the filters-box (but the filters can still be modified and I am already a Premium Member) I usually only use Chrome, but wanted to test in IE as people seemed to have problems there..
  2. In keeping with the OT, I will post this answer to the question 'why would "grownups" go geocaching?': Taken at the site of a regular cache in the middle of a series of stats-caches in a nearby forest. Loving it Greetings form San Diego ... A true paradise for Geocaching judging by your photo. That's quite a power trail you have, wish I could spend some time logging finds in that fabulous forest. Send us some of your rain and we'll send back a few of our earthquakes. Glad you decided to use our "This just in ..." thread. It's open for everybody and most of our local Geocachers have deserted it in favor of FaceBook. Too bad. Tak, SD Rowdies Sheez.. it's not until now I realize this was for SW USA .. woops. Sorry. But yes, it surely is quite a paradise, this little patch of land right there. Still need to go back and pick up the remaining 20+ caches too, so I will 'have to' go back and enjoy it once more
  3. This is why: Getting to see places I didn't know existed and to rid my body of those extra pounds. I've found one more great use: While driving around Iceland, we started using the cache-descriptions more and more instead of the guidebooks to see interesting stuff
  4. In keeping with the OT, I will post this answer to the question 'why would "grownups" go geocaching?': Taken at the site of a regular cache in the middle of a series of stats-caches in a nearby forest. Loving it
  5. 173 to 0. I don't want to hide any caches, just for the sake of hiding them - it has to be special .. you know,, that firs time .. (I'm talking about hiding caches here )
  6. Thank you - how could I be so blind... (wait.. don't answer that)
  7. I found an old thread, where the OP asked how to change the 'geocacher'-line to something else in the description under the avatar on the forum... http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=9248 However, the answer was 'become a premium member' - I am a premium member, but I can, for the life of me, not see anywhere that allows me to add a tagline of my own - every setting regarding my profile in 'My Controls' takes me to 'my account details' on geocaching.com. Does anyone know how this is done now..? Cheers
  8. *snorting tea out my nose* I will NOT take any responsibility for cleaning your monitor! No worries (.. it went into the keyboard ...)
  9. There's at least two in the category (scatter'n'gory if said babe isn't a geocacher..). Otherwise, I'm a hybrid meself, loving the privacy of caching deep in the woods, but also sometimes the need for stealth in a public place.. and most of all, hoping not to end up in the last category (no chance of that just now, as I haven't placed any caches myself yet )
  10. Quite happy with Geocache Navigator(*), so no (* I went and bought an Oregon after my first 46 finds though.. ahem)
  11. Oh.. mhm.. Checking in another browser, the Find-count _is_ 125. That's odd, but thank you for the checkup
  12. I am currently driving around Iceland, and I have so far found (and logged) 10 caches up here. In GSAK I have 125 cached in my 'found' database, but the "Caches Found"-counter on my profile-page only says 123. I had 115 found caches in Denmark before I left for Iceland, and if I do a PQ for Denmark only and for Iceland only I get 115 + 10, so obviously the counter on the profile-page is doing "Intel-math"? Can anyone tell me what is going on here?
  13. people.. there are people outside the US too, and they're as ignorant and self-centered. They don't hold the patent for that (either). I'm wading in trash in certain places here in my tiny little country when I cache, and there are stories of caches being stolen, emptied out, filled with fish (yes, that happened) too..
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