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  1. Iam new to geocaching, so my gear is still in it's infancy. I gotta steal my hunting backpack to go caching. I transfer the contents back and forth for the occasion.


    Soon i will get a similar backpack for caching, and in it will be:




    my fountain pen for signing if possible...

    pens (i make them and think i will use them for signature swag!)






    swag toys

    mountain dew

    bags for CITO

    bags for repair/replace


    multi screwdriver tool

    small hatchet/hammer/pry tool


    maybe a few small cache containers

  2. I want to do my first hide, and would like to do a fishing themed cache. I live very near a lake and it would be a sweet little cache i think.


    Anyway, these are my concerns:


    I want to fill it with fishing gear, but i am concerned about putting hooks in as swag. they are in the original container, and unless really handled wrong, are harmless enough but still sharp and possibly dangerous.


    I also want to add some plastics that are all flavored. I know they won't go bad as i am close enough to take good care of the cache. I am more worried about the smell attracting animals. any help or thoughts would be appreciated.

  3. seems to me that you wouldn't want to kill the "karma" of your new bug by being shady in your start up procedures.


    Not to mention, the point of all of this is to be outside, looking for new caches. You gotta order the coins and bugs correct? So you sit patiently waiting for them to arrive, and once they arrive, start them off with a BANG! take em out in the field and actually let them marinate in a cache for a minute or two while you sign the log! Tell the log why you are there. maybe the cache owner wants to know about what has been dipped into his box. plus you get to activate your coin/bug with a smiley!

  4. After hours of reading, and thinking i was ready to give my first TB a lift, i came across one today. It is a 2007 red Jeep TB. When i try to log that i have it, the tracking number does not come up. I am using the tracking number printed on the tag. Jeep has not used their account since two days after listing these things. what do i do now? I would like to get a quick resolution for this so i can get it moving again. It is in no hurry, but it has only gone 200 miles.

  5. Thanks for the snappy reply!


    Ok. well i have to make some spin tops to add to the swag bag so if i was supposed to take it, i will do so when i return to drop the swag.


    I also messaged the original owner of the coin to ask. I am going from Oklahoma (where i live) to Kentucky for a wedding soon, and offered to give the coin a ride.


    Either way, this geocaching business is an absolute blast! I can't wait to get my GPSr so i can actually get out in the field and do it properly!

  6. With no GPSr, i decided to attempt to find my first cache. After lots of research on the net, i finally found it. Only problem is: i left nothing and took nothing. I want to go back and leave some goodies. Is that ok?


    Also, there was a coin type thing in the box as well. It didn't have any tracking numbers on it. Only someones name. Is that a geocoin? was i supposed to take it? There were two bags in the box. A bag full of toys, and a bag with the log in it. The coin was in the bag with the log, so i figured it was meant for the creator of the cache. Is this a correct assumption?

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