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  1. I know it happens all the time and we have many posts, but still annoying! It is just a warning to fellow cachers in my area (East of England - I should have highllighted that). If the thread is not of interest to you, or does not apply to your area, please ignore.
  2. Many mobile/cell phones already have GPS capabilty already built in. Check yours, you may already have one in your hands already without realising which will save you the cost of buying a seperate GPS?
  3. I heard recently on the geocacher podcast about a sad individual in the states who had taken it upon themselves to destroy/remove geocaches in the name of protecting the environment from the ravages of the countryside by geocachers??? Sadly we now have our own saddo in the UK, by the user name of gordybrown, who has also adopted this pathetic stance! This loser has decided to start removing caches and stealing the contents. Hardly original, and obviously just looking for attention? Leaves the following comment for the items stolen.. http://www.geocaching.com/profile/default....57-b2904706b06d Start Quote>> *** This has been "groped" (GROup for Environmental Protection). It has been removed and destroyed. Your environmental vandalism will NOT be tolerated. Before any of you morons bleat on about us removing this "geolitter" (your phrase not ours!), remember that dropping LITTER (ie these pathetic containers) is a CRIMINAL offence punishable by a fine up to £1,000. So please, feel free, go into the police and make a complaint. *** >>End Quote Looks like a very new member and only one TB hotel decimated with the loss of 6 items, but please be aware. This individual will surely get bored and move on to spoiling something else eventually, but please be aware for the time being. I was tempted to message him/her, but refrained as that would be giving the person the attention they are craving - what a sad, lonely, and empty life one must lead to want to be this spiteful???
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