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  1. Since you've already logged a DNF, maybe if you e-mail the cache owner, he/she will give you an additional hint.
  2. 62 here. The guys I've gone out with in the past are all older. I believe the three of them are between 64 and 66. Oh, and I can't forget the nice young lady that I recently introduced to geocaching ... 30.
  3. I used to have the same problem and a with a bit of internet searching, I discovered that if you have the flip4mac plugin installed, Safari and communicator didn't play well together. Once I updated everything (Safari, communicator, and flip4mac) it now works. If you have flip4mac installed, check to see if you have version 2.3. If you still have trouble, what I initially did was to download the Camino web browser and that fixed it.
  4. I've tried maccaching with my Oregon 400t and found that the program did not support the unit. A while ago, someone said it does work, but I tried everything possible to get them to work together without success. In looking at the maccaching website under supported devices, the Oregon isn't listed.
  5. I avoid any geocache hidden in a public place. I do have several under my belt, but I didn't like the feeling of being watched.
  6. Try a master reset. My Oregon did something similar to what you described and the master reset fixed it. There are a few instances in which the user would want to perform a Master Reset on your Dakota. If the device is locked up or the user wishes to erase all user data, please follow the steps below to perform a Master Reset: 1. Power the device Off 2. Place a finger in the upper left side of the display 3. Maintain pressure on the display, then press and hold the Power Button 4. Wait 5 seconds, then release the Power Button 5. Continue to hold your finger on the display until the following message appears: Do you really want to erase all user data? 6. Remove your finger from the display 7. Select Yes to the prompt asking to clear all user data Once the device has been reset, it will revert back to the factory default settings and all user data will be lost. The device will need to reacquire satellites. To do this, place the device outside for a period of no less than twenty minutes in an area where there is a clear view of the sky.
  7. I'm not ashamed to admit that my friendship can be bought ... so send money. Oh, and what t4e said.
  8. Why would you be surprised by that? It's their policy and it's written in plain English. When I purchased my Nuvi and did the map update I knew what the policy was going in.
  9. If I remember correctly, when I bought my Nuvi last summer I was entitled to one free map update. From your post, it appears that you have already downloaded the free update. It would have been a nice gesture on their part to let you download the newest version since you just bought the unit, but they didn't have to do so. I believe you can get lifetime updates for a rather small cost ... maybe $99? I really don't remember. Also, I wonder how much really changed from the version you have compared to the newest version. If you're really upset, take it back to where you purchased it.
  10. Almost all of my geocaching is done solo in our local mountains. Aside from my GPSr (Oregon 400t), I carry leather gloves for when I need to reach into brush or rock crevices to retrieve a cache, Leki Sierra Staff for poking in places where I don't want to initially put my hands, and the usual water, first aid kit, whistle, etc. Since I'm often out in the middle of nowhere during the week, I consider my most important aid to be my ACR personal locator beacon. I hope to never have to use it, but it's always with me when I'm roaming the mountains.
  11. I need to get out more. I believe the furthest I've seen for coordinates being off is 24 feet. Maybe some of my DNF's were off more, but since I haven't found them, I'll never know.
  12. But to get things to work, don't I have to buy and load windows for Mac? Man, I do not want to do that and it seems that if I do not, that there is little that I can do to regain my previous usage of GSAK and pocket quieries. No, you don't need to load windows ... I don't have it on mine. The minimal thing you'll need on your Mac is the Garmin communicator plugin. If you don't already have it, you will find it here: http://www8.garmin.com/products/communicator/ The plugin will allow communications between your GPSr and your Mac. Any other software is not really necessary, but you might want to look around to see if you find something you're interested in. Personally, I really like BaseCamp.
  13. Go into setup ... display ... turn screen capture on. Then it's just a matter of pressing the power button to capture the screen. I should also mention that you'll then need to hook the device to your computer to retrieve the screen capture.
  14. I use an Oregon 400t and a Macbook Pro. Unfortunately, unless you want to load windows on your Mac, there aren't a lot in the way of up to date programs that you can use. You can check out the resources pages and download programs for the Mac that you can try. What I use is BaseCamp, but it's no GSAK. You can download BaseCamp for free from Garmin's website. The newest version of BaseCamp will allow you to use topo maps from gpsfiledepot.com so you won't have to pay for the Garmin maps. Also, you'll need Garmin's communicator. If you use Safari as your browser and have the plugin flip4mac installed, you might have trouble. There have been recent updates to each of them and now they all play well together. I love my Mac too, but I sure would like to see GSAK come out in a Mac version. Come to think of it, there was a recent thread about a program you can load on your Mac and have GSAK work to some degree. I can't remember he name of it though. Maybe someone else can help you with that. As fegan mentioned, you can still get things to work without special software.
  15. It's too bad that Microsoft doesn't have an app that would allow you to run the Mac OS. Or do they? Everything runs hunky-dory on my Mac. Just sayin' ... and not knocking Microsoft in any way.
  16. Bottom lines is that you don't have to give him an extra hint if you don't wish to do so. In the same situation, I wouldn't unless someone had already found the cache. Then again, that's totally up to you. I don't think he's cheating ... he just plays the game different.
  17. How about using the record track feature? Start recording your track when you begin and then stop recording when you're done. Of course, once you start up again you may have to start a new track. I'm just guessing on that since I haven't tried it that way. Even with multiple tracks, I'm able to join them in BaseCamp. Just a thought.
  18. Welcome to the addiction. You can learn a lot from the forums, so ask questions when you need to.
  19. I've noticed that too. Since I always carry a small point and shoot digital camera I'd be interested in the 450t rather than the 550t. Plus, if I'm not mistaken, the 550 doesn't have a tripod mount. My Leki hiking pole has a screw mount under the cap and I frequently use it as a monopod. I shove it into the soil and it's freestanding.
  20. What is a "450T"? The Oregon 450t. --Larry Ah, the OREGON. Thanks for catching me up. Hasn't that been out for a while? Nope ... only talked about for a while.
  21. I'm in Southern California ... just about a mile from the San Andreas Fault. If I ever get to do some earthquake geocaching, I'll be sure to post the results here ... if I'm able.
  22. Oh i definitely plan to eventuallly! right now 1. i dont have a car. 2. im still in school 3. my gps isnt the best... and 4. cant afford it XD but i WOULD however like to log the correct cache that i already found ;D I hope thats not a bad thing to want, but it was a really cool cache, and my dad wanted to say thanks to the creators and stuff like that, since he works RIGHT next to where it is. You're now a premium member. O_O how did THAT happen?! Looks like someone wants to build a bit of a positive balance in their karma account. Nice thing to do C48. Hahahaha ... I've got a lot of good karma going for me in my old age. Don't tell anyone though ... it might ruin my reputation for being a sarcastic, cynical, miserable old goat who hates everyone. Whoa... I dont know what to say, but... Thank you! I never forget a favor no matter how small, so if you need anything in return, just say the word! My pleasure.
  23. I was young and broke once too and I haven't forgotten. But I'm still a sarcastic, cynical, miserable old goat. lol
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