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  1. Bummer - someone always has to twist words around somehow to stir the pot. jul66l3r said it best: There's no definative answer here - so just drop the topic.
  2. MDChecker

    Sound Files?

    I see that there is a way to upload pictures for the cache description web pages but is it possible to have music accompany the web page upon opening it? I have seen this before - (I think) but am not sure how to "Embed" a MIDI or Wav file.
  3. MDChecker

    Map Error

    Has anyone else experienced trouble with the Geocaching.com Map link which shows the Traditional, Multi., Mystery, Found, etc. Map About a week ago I completed some in and near Robert E. Lee Park, since that time, none of my new finds in that area are being marked as found. I have tried to mark and unmark all the applicable boxes and have tried in the indentify, pan and zoom modes. My previous finds prior to last Saturday show up fine but, even current finds of this week in PA. are not showing up as found? Any suggestions? (I am a premium member.)
  4. ClydeE you my man are a pure GENIUS. It took me a minute to figure out the number correlation between the symbols and I have no computer savy but if you can walk me through it then anyone can do it. It worked like a charm! I was even able to find my Garmin.Txt file and understand it. I am purely delighted right now. I say it again... Anyone who hasn't purchased your product is a fool !!! I can't thank you enough for the work you have done and standing behind it - especially here in the middle of the night on the east coast. Please keep up the good work! Thanks Again.
  5. Need to change gears & topic so I could ask a question which was on another thread pertaining to the 60CS. It seems that the resolution could be found here on the GSAK thread. I currently have a Garmin 60CS with the latest version updates and even the XImage patch. I also am a Registered user of GSAK (which I think is incredible), however, with the 60CS the user has the option to use the special Geocache feature. My question is as follows: Now that I have created my custom icons through XImage, when I try to employ the new "Traditional Cache" box icon instead of the default "treasure" box icon the 60cs does not reconize the waypoints any longer in the "geocache" feature. Being so that I am downloading about 500 waypoints at a clip it is nearly impossible to manually change each waypoint to the "Traditional cache box" symbol under the "Find Waypoint" screen so the "Find Geocache" screen will recognize them. Is there a way through GSAK to change the symbol to a custom symbol for the 60cs? When I select "GPS" - "Send Waypoints" from the tool bar on GSAK, I am then given the option to "Change" each waypoint icon individually but am not allowed to select a "Custom" waypoint option. I am currently using the "Traditional = Geocache" (which defaults to the closed Treasure Box). I realize that in Parenthesis it says "Not all symbols are supported on all GPSs" but you know we're always looking for a way to get what we can't have so I was wondering if their was a way to make the default "Treasure Box" icon my custom "Traditional Cache" icon. I hope this was fairly clear and thank you for any help.
  6. That IS the problem I just checked but I am not sure how to have all the downloaded waypoints from GSAK adapt to the custom "Traditional Box" without changing each of 500 waypoints manually. Thanks for the links Too
  7. Question? On earlier pages of this thread, it was discussed on how to create your own caching images using "XImage". Cool - No Problem - Found a link with great premade symbols too and used them. My question is this however, - Using my 60cs I press "Find" - Geocache - enter - menu - (select) "Geocache Setup" - enter. I am now presented with the option to change the preset "Treasure Box" as I scroll through the choices, I select my newly downloaded custom image of the "Traditional Cache Box". However, now when I press "Find" - Geocache - enter nothing shows up. The find Geocache will only work with the preset "Treasure Box" symbol. Is there a way I can use my custom symbols in the Geocaching Option? I can use these symbols when I manually input waypoints but they will only show in the waypoint option and not the geocache option. I'm not sure if GSAK is able to compensate for this change through a bulk download but I use GSAK to download to my 60cs.
  8. Mystery Solved! Clyde is a GENUIS and stands behind his product!
  9. Thanks Clyde you are a GENUIS !! For some reason the word "Cachemate" was in that box. With Help like this @ 12 Midnight on the East Coast your product is worth every penny. I don't think I would have gotten results this fast with a Large Corporation! KEEP UP THE OUTSTANDING WORK! Thanks so much!
  10. No - Clyde just recommended something
  11. Would anyone know how to transfer more then 1 waypoint @ a time from GSAK to a Cachemate file? I am using the latest version of GSAK 5.1.4 and now have the Registered version 4.0.3 of Cachemate. Once I set my filter(s), I have about 10 waypoints, I then go to "File", "Export", "CacheMate PDB File..." but, each time I "Generate" the "Install to Palm after Conversion feature" it will only generate the last waypoint on the list? Am I doing DUMBthing Wrong?
  12. Must be something I'm doing wrong - Bought it - and still the same results
  13. That's cool - I'll try to muster up the $8 and give it a whirl.
  14. That's what I was trying to find out - If its because it's the "freeware" version or if I was doing something wrong with GSAK - Thanks
  15. Would anyone know how to transfer more then 1 waypoint @ a time from GSAK to a Cachemate file? I am using the latest version of GSAK 5.1.4 and have the freeware version 4.0.3 of Cachemate. Once I set my filter(s), I have fewer than 10 waypoints (because thats all the freeware version of CM will allow to download @ 1 time), I then go to "File", "Export", "CM.PDB" but, each time I "Generate" the "Install to Palm after Conversion feature" it will only generate the last waypoint on the list?
  16. Not sure if this has happen to anyone else but after changing the waypoint symbol; my Garmin 60cs automatically moves it from my "Find Geocache " into my "Find Waypoint" list: not that that is a problem. By doing this though, when switching to the compass sceen the GPS will not enter the geocache mode providing the 3 bottom buttons : "Found" "Note/Data" & "Stop". All else is the same. So I would say if you bought this GPS for that additional feature I would not change the Waypoint Symbol until after the cache is found then logged. Afterwards, it makes a cool idea as a matter of portable record on hand and shows the founds from the not founds on the map screen simply by showing either Garmins' chest symbol or by a custom waypoint. Either way they look cool and I think Garmin has done a great job with the 60cs.
  17. OfficeMaven, Thanks for your reply - ironically I downloaded that update shortly after my post and before I read yours and didn't have that problem anymore. Thanks for the reply!
  18. I'm not too computer savey but, I'm not sure what to do now that I've down loaded this "XImage" Program. After I intialize it and it detects my 60cs - I press the "next" button and the message "What would you like to do?". It automatically defaults too "Get images from GPS" and I can't select "Send images to the GPS". On the bottom of that control panel window the message reads "There are no images on your GPS that can be updated, but you may get images from it" - I then select the next button and save the "screen shot" of what my GPS is displaying. So what do I do next? (go slow i'm a beginner)
  19. Yes - Thanks for your Help - found my problem - that tiny dot of a decimal point!
  20. I realize that there has been a hold placed on NEW locationles caches but how can I log an existing one. I see others are still listing them but every time I select found it - mark the coordinates - write a description and hit submit - nothing happens. If I try to archive it the coordinate option disappears. Am I doing DUMBthing wrong?
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